Bubbling Under | CelePretties – Why + Roborobo


Every now and then I browse through songs and one just jumps out at you as very promising. These girls Maryam Mustapha & Amanda Omiachi aka Celepretties did just that.

Their songs are solid listens and I get the feeling that with the right “packaging” they can make it big time.

Check out their songs Why & Roborobo, and drop your thoughts.

The Power of two in one, the duo of Maryam Mustapha and Amanda Omiachi came into the music industry in the month of February 2008, with a
vision to show the people what they are made of. With a passion for music and art these girls stood against all odds to make their way into the music circle. Armed with zeal and determination they decided to explore the journey together.

With two great tracks on under their belt, I must say the sky is just the first step for these sexy sassy ladies They have few tracks among which are Throwing Bottles which was produced by Drum Dealers and Roborobo/Why which was produced by MUNO. They have worked with few producers so far, among which are Waz, Drumphase, Drum Dealers, MUNO etc.

*** Why



*** Roborobo




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