Bubbling Under| Boogey – Hero Ft C. Fret + Believe me Ft Adebz



Introducing Boogey Born (David Iye Odey) in Cross River State, grew up in Lagos. The love for hiphop was therapeutic during his teenage years, a time of self expression and the feeling of being misunderstood. Began to breathe rap music with influences like Talib Kweli, Tupac, Jay-Z, e.t.c.

Years later, while studying for a 1st degree in a University in Morocco, the passion evolved and he started to record tracks for the love and fun of it until listeners told him he was the truth and he realised the path had chosen him. Apparently, he was featured on Jon O’s RELEASE. Here are 2 brand new singles off his mixtape (ART-IFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) which he is currently working on. Boogey is here to stay, like he said, so get familiar with these tracks and the lyrics as a bonus, Enjoy 😀

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[audio:http://www.jaguda.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Boogey-ft.-Adebz-Believe-Me.mp3|titles=Boogey ft. Adebz – Believe Me]

HERO Feat. C-Fret
Verse 1
Shout out to the mother who sacrificed for her litttle one.
Turning his targets to bigga ones..
..but not with a gun.
And to the father who struggled for success..but stress..came along
wit some up sets..
And it sucks,yes.
Shout out to the parents adopting em orphan babies..
..from the orphanages..
..playing d role of morphine,they be…
..killin d pain.
Filling their brain wit hope
Give em a change..
From being on d street,filling their veins wit dope.
I swear y’all some bold heroes,man.
Touching lives and so I’ll neva forget you,no ceelo.man.
Weight of d world on our shoulders,no kilogram.
Funny how the true heroes only knw zero fans
Face to face wit d devil,u dnt pee yo pants.
Victory is yours and soon we gon see yo hands..
Lyk yes u gave and you received..
..so bye bye to d suffering.just wave n u will see.
Somebody outta shape,u take him and shape him right.
U become a hero,no dnt need no cape and tights.
No need for taking flight.
Saving lives..wit no costume.
Just d power of 3 words.I GOT U.

Verse 2
Shout out to my fam who always been by my side..
..from d moment I started killing beats like homicide.
And Shout out to d fans already spreading my name.
Calling me the messiah like it was from heaven I came.
D devil ashamed..
..cos he tried to get him and failed.
Shout out d friends who neva left him and bailed.
They always had my back and they still do.
They Always supported my dreams and nw it seems that they feel true.
Yh, I cn feel it in d air on some beanie sh**.
When they see me spit..
..they ask me to drop a cd quick..
..afta they see me do it live lyk amanpour.
Promise amma neva let em down lyk an anchor.
Tell em d truth is d very thing I dat stand for.
Rapperz only do it for d money lyk some man whores.
Get on d damn horse,ride into d sunset.
Hero in d movie of ma lyf.God is on d set.YES!

Shout out to d rapperz who keepin hip hop alive.
A revolution.itz kinda lyk they keepin pac alive.
And shout out to da radio stations who playing this.
Cos we tired of em songs where niggas aint sayin sh**.
..but d same sh** ertym.I’m hopin d fans listen to every line.am sayin
datz my undecaying wish.
Shout out to d deejays keepin it real..
,.on speakerz n wheels.
Nt only spinning because of deals.
And Nowadays artistst r getting weaker wit skill.
They adviced to abort lyk when a foetus is killed.
My speech is so ill.
Sumfn dat only jesus cn heal.
No lies lyk all d nigerian leaderz who steal.
Am d future so instead I’m making history.
Hero like a woman gave an upside dwn kiss to me.
I’m So spiderman..
..With d cyphers and..
Mic in hand.
Tighter than..
D grip of a friggin biker man.

Verse 1
They saying if u grow some bigga balls,you’ll become a better man..
..but so many niggas fall and some of em’ never stand..
..some of em’ try to crawl but they’ve got some severed hands..
..cos they fought and they lost d battle with d devil and..
Now they handicapped.
Hands amputated so they can’t be clapped.
How u say u go hard and you spitting dat bambi rap.
Hand me that..
mic.lemme show em how to murder things.
Biters getting served like it’s burger king.
It wud be absurd if u were to bring wack to a dope fight.
What u know about scribbling raps thru the whole night.
Hip hop like a gurl wit a juicy rack i cud hold tight.
If pops didn’t approve,we wuda had to elope,right.
But my parents figured dat perhaps what i wrote might..
..be the manifestation of gifts from above.
Like words spoken through divine lips of a god..
..in search of believers but they doubt still.
Blowing up is no longer about skill.
Now it’s all about the bills that u pay.
They don’t care about the ill tracks you slay.

Verse 2
Talk about a lesson from a spitter with a high iQ.
You can call me number 2 if u divide by 2.
A lotta em’ don’t believe.I’m like a Sci-fi dude..
..and y’all cinderellas couldn’t fit inside my shoes.
So forget em glass slippers.
You ass kissers..
..disgust me.
I’m bout to blast niggas.i rap sicker.just trust me.
And trust me..u shudnt trust anyone.
Half of what you see is bad acting everytime the tele on.
Gangsta who neva touched any gun.
Hustled on d streets.nah,his rich father’s who every penny’s from.
A frikkin disguise
I’m sick of the these lies
The deceit in your speech as you pick up the prize.
Nobody seeing this? Am i the only niccuh with eyes.
They selling records,they pockets getting thicker in size.
Commercial.wat u mean?I’m tryin to understand more.
Are u saying every song should be for the dance floor?

Verse 3
I talk silly like a mix between..
..basket mouth,ukwa and mista bean.
Still tryna blow,stacking up dat nitroglycerine.
Attracting ur attention like an ass that won’t fit in jeans.
In the past i was spitting clean..
..but now ive adapted to a very dirty world.
Thoughts of a threesome with two very nerdy girls..
..wearing jerry curls..
..who matured really fast.got some very early curves.
I’m a very flirty perv.
Confessions of a mind with some loose screws.
All u new comers neva blow wasting time with that used fuse.
Cos’ u a shadow of an artiste who’s already made.
Do not be afraid.
speak your mind.be a renegade.
Now it’s looking like d realest never get deals.
Me i stay sick cos the illest never get healed.
New guy and nobody wanted to invite him in.
Bottom to d top.u gotta grow.take your vitamins.


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