Bubbling Under | KACH – Red Lights Ft. Lami + Tension



Lami Phillips’ VERTIAS MUSIK in partnership with SIGNATURE RECORDS announce the release of two new singles by recently signed artist, KACH.

KACH aka Uche Kach is a hip hop/Soul artist who is inspired by real life occurrences from personal to that of people around him and his society. His love for music started in high school when himself and a group of friends would dance and sing to entertain their mates, mostly the girls as Kach emphasizes on. Influenced by his environment, Kach wants his music to be known for pushing boundaries while remaining unique and real.
After listening to his works, it’s safe to describe Kach as a versatile artist. Besides his hip hop and soul music, he also dabbles in R&B as well as Afrobeats.

After his high school, Kach went on to study Business Administration at the University of Bath England. After which he decided to pick up what was done only for the fun of it in high school, music! He is inspired by Drake who he says isn’t afraid to be who he is in his music.

Industry heads refer to Kach as a box of excitement considering his uniqueness in sound and creating a lane for himself.

Under his new label and management, KACH is here with two new singles RED LIGHTS and KACH TENSION. Both produced by Sarz. Red lights is a feel good rap song with a love feel to it. Safe to say Nigeria or Africa has found their Drake. Talk about versatility. On the other hand Kach Tension is a fusion between his rap and afrobeat style. This is something DJ’s will definitely love.

Red Lights Ft.Lami






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