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Just like my last article I have been thinking of what to call this one….hmm….well, maybe by the time I am done, I’ll come up with one. I am a music lover…especially naija music but I find some of our artists really annoying especially the up-coming artists who want to start flying without walking first.

There is a new guy I have noticed on facebook who is trying to get into the music scene. Nobody knows him yet and to my dismay, he is actually ranting about beef too o. Is that a new trend or something? Does beef add anything to your reputation in anyway? Their albums haven’t had the privilege of getting to the bins in Alaba or even being sold for 100 naira in Lagos traffic and here they are ranting about beef. We barely even know their names and they already have imaginary haters. They have seen all the attention some big time artists get when they rant about their haters so they have decided to follow suit. At the end of the day, their songs don’t make any sense when they eventually come out because quality writing time was spent on beef.

I believe this is the major reason some Nigerian songs tend to lack content because very few artists take their time to think and be creative. Some people just need a few hours to write a song. If they happen to get in an argument in a club, that’s a new track, a one-night stand after some drinks is another track. In fact in Nigeria, it seems the more sense a song makes, the less likely it is for the album to sell. I am not writing-off Nigerian music, like I said I listen to them a lot and that is why I can draw this conclusion. I have my favorites too…like MI…..i love his originality and swag. But I find out that I hear the same ol things every time from our artistes. All they talk about is women, sex and money….is that all there is to life? Sometimes a whole album of about 12 tracks talks about nothing else but these three things or only one of them……sad. I feel dirty singing some of our songs too because they tend to be so vulgar. What about videos…it doesn’t have to be a club scene, two people smooching themselves stupid or a pool side with naked girls everywhere. Don’t you guys watch Trace? Thanks to Dare Art-Alade, Omawunmi  I’ve seen a bit of creativity and a difference too. Spend good money on your videos don’t just get a camera and call your friends to marqee or the pool side in Eko Hotel. One hot video is better that five poorly shot ones.

I think Nigerian artists should try and be a bit more creative in their writing and constructive too. Let some of your songs inspire and educate us and not just entertain us. Let some of your songs give us a picture of what life really is and not the façade you have created for yourself and other upcoming artistes venturing into music for the wrong reasons. Sing from your heart. Let’s hear about other things instead of just Hennessey, Bentleys, parties, endowments and BEEF.

Finally, I think I’ll call this……….BRING OUR MUSIC BACK TO LIFE.

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  1. This makes a whole lot of sense…reminds me of a particular song by a Nigerian artiste.."ALHAJI",what the hell was that about? or this new kiss song by two brothers.wait..wait..i know their fans will soon eat me up but these guys should be told the truth whenever the mess up so that they can be better.We need more Nigerian Legends,i'm a bit tired of Fela..No beef oo abeg,just in need of someone new….nice article

  2. this article is right on… Can't possibly agree less… all of them my enemies, ota mi, haterz… come on… we need peace, love not war!!!

  3. True talk sha but the foolishness is not unique to Naija artists.

    Lately is seems like most Naija artists are really putting some effort into their material.


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