BisTop – Celebrate | Has Words for his former group Bracket



Those that are familiar with the ORIGINAL bracket group would have noticed that recently they are short one person. That’s cos group member number 3, BisTop is longer part of the group. BisTop now has his own track out and is set to take his own career forward. BisTop has had a lot to say about his dismissal from the group. Here is an excerpt from BisTop himself:

Jealosy came from my group cos I’ve got swagga more. Ego came from our sponsor cos I am my groups leader in descission making. He used money to make my group betray me os he sees me as a threat to his harsh way of conduct. They betrayed me after after ten years of being together. They call me BISTOP, the origin of bracket and presently the
owner of the newest single on air called ‘’’CELEBRATE’’’. I call that song “CELEBRATE”” because it’s a break through for me. I was never giving the chance to express what happened to me in my group, they blocked every chances for me to seek the press or media constantly feeding the masses and my fans with huge lies that I droped out of the group because of academic pressure, parental pressure and most of all, they said I was never serious with the groups’s rehersals etc.

My beautiful people, all you heard were all lies. I was forced into solo after a 90% near to completion of “ least expected’”. They laid allegation behind me, made their judgment behind me and made their
decision behind me. By deleting my voices from my songs, sold it to a marketer, went for concerts without giving me a dime from ten years of my sweat. I remember when I will call their phone they would not pick, out of trying to shut me out from being heard from but now they call my phone trying to seek a way to way to make me not release the song CELEBRATE on air. I said to them, “nothing personal, I have to tell the world what you did to me” I was meant not to make it but here I am and I promise you in three years from now, the name BIZTOP will be a brand that will open most doors.

Finally, I wanna thank all my fans and the press for constantly asking after me. I promise to make an album that more than an album but something you can resite on in future…

There you have. From BisTop himself… Make I no yarn too much. Enjoy the song, Celebrate.




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