Banky W – Strong Ting (Video)


Banky’s new vid for Strong Ting is out. Hot!! Check it out.

Banky W
Banky W

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  1. Now, that's a great video with excellent picture quality and an original concept! You can tell that the producers actually put time into developing a story line that makes senses and that illustrates the song. The usual videos featuring half-naked girls shaking their booties was getting a bit old.

    *I'm totally drooling over Banky W* droolinggggggggggggggg*

  2. Hot Video… makes me like the song better. Good to see a naija video that doesn't do the regular club scene.

  3. Banky W..should really stop trying to dance..his impromptu "bustin of move" his hysterical and down right scary!! see 1:39-1:42..hahahaha

    Great vid! but I would have preferred futuristic theme 2214AD–than circa 1920s era flashback with Nigerians..LOL it was refreshingly different yet couldnt get past the weird setting.

    • I totally agree with you…it wld have bn a better video without the sloppy dance scenes but it's definitely in the top 5 of Nigeria music videos so far.

  4. for realz tho– the guy should have carried that his short dancer guy to SA with him to shoot this video. But otherwise EXCELLENT quality!

    "Banky double u. . . . don't mean to trouble u. . . . ."



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