Banky W drops hot new singles – Lagos Party & Strong Ting

Mr Capable... maybe Mr Strong Ting now sef
Mr Capable... maybe Mr Strong Ting now sef

Mr Capable, Banky W, has hit the naija music scene again with his hot new singles “Lagos Party” & “Strong Thing”. “Lagos Party” reminds me a little bit of “Welcome to Atlanta” with calling out clubs and venues in Lagos. The Omo Eko folks will definitely relate to this song. The production is on point, and the lyrics are nice.

“Strong Thing” is a bit more mellow, and is classic Banky. Pretty nice song to listen to on the chill tip. Anyways… here are the songs. Enjoy.

Lagos Party

Strong Ting


  1. Abeg Banky suld go and sit down, i neva liked da guy lol… abeg make una no kill me ooo, its just my opinion!

  2. Banky w, u re tight man, kp it up.lagos party is d bm.if nt 4 corruption in d system, people like u & others would hv gone far in d music industry, bt neverthless we will get there


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