Everything on this NEW SMASSSH by @JesseAlordiah and BoyStoner is WHAT THE LADIES WANT!!


What budding Producer and Rapper Jesse Alordiah, who takes the intro verse, does with his soft, sexy and very persuasive voice is mind blowing! This precedes BoyStoner‘s throaty yet sultry Afro infused delivery. The song ‘MY SIDE’, produced and engineered by Jesse Alordiah, is sure to serenade as much as it makes the Ladies yearn for more. The song writing on this is just incredible and both artists did a fantastic job!

Okay I admit, I have listened to this Afrobeats and Trap Infused record over and over and I must say, I cannot get enough

Jesse Alordiah, Boystoner - My Side
Jesse Alordiah, Boystoner – My Side



My Post today wasn’t going to be one about Music, I had so much to share with you not music related, which I cannot wait to Post soon, but this song got me thinking!
Isn’t this what every Lady wants to hear from her significant other? Really! It is in fact true that girls are highly emotional beings and for most of us, all it really comes down to are the right words said in exactly the perfect tone and pitch that it is not just soothing to the ears but throws us in a state of utter bewilderment.

Listen to ‘MY SIDE’ and do share your thoughts on it in comments below. Would this make you happy if a Guy said these words to you? Guys, are these the words you want to share with your girl?

Now it is time to find out what Girls want! Listen to this song and then share your wants in comments below. Does this song do it for you? If yes, why? Let’s have a good convo going. I try to Respond to everyone, please keep comments clear of vulgarity or profane language. It’s all Love right?



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