ARTICLE: Now That We Have Found Vector; Is He Really Back? – By Etnies Jags



Some days ago popular award winning Nigerian rapper Olanrewaju Ogunmefun A.K.A ‘Vector Tha Viper’ dropped a track called ‘Where Is Vector’, more like a prelude to his ‘A7’ mix-tape.

Vector has been out of the Nigerian hip-hop scene for a year plus, now V.E.C is back with a warning for all rappers.. “Fell down a lil bit, now I’m back with a fierce fight” ! On coming back to the scene, he’s basically telling us that he’s been around and now he’s back for good!

The vector voltrons came out on social media (twitter), hailing him for some superlative lyrics on the track, he was trending all over social media – some even called him the best hip-hop act in naija…  He even called himself the best – ” I guess I’m done bragging with bars, and saying I’m the best is like saying jesus is lord “… That’s a line from his new jam.. Okay Noted!

Although vector is known for his lyrical prowess and ability to freestyle any-day, anytime! Many even call him the best free-stylist in Nigeria, but this track isn’t good enough for a ‘comeback’

1st Verse: Weak, nothing really catchy, not the regular ‘VEC’ we know.. “I no get issues with your father , I’m just chilling, drinking getting high”.. Then you would expect something better in the 2nd verse.. Reed On

2nd Verse: A lil weaker than the first.. “Somebody please mess with me I need a new distraction”..  Like, do you depend on diss tracks for fame??

On a normal day, Vector is a Super-Duper lyricist! One of Nigerians finest MCs… But this supposed ‘Come-back’ single doesn’t tickle my fancy. The lines are mediocre, corny punchlines in the verses.. All the singing wasn’t need! Just rap your a** out!. To be honest, Vector sounded moist & thirsty. I expected more.

Most Nigerians don’t like deep & conscious rap. They just wanna hear something that rhymes with another and they shout ‘HE MURDERED IT ‘

This track got me thinking like.. “Is this the new vector”? Or does he have something huge in store for us??

Listen and Enjoy: Where is Vector…


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