Another Nollywood Personality Goes Into Music! Fred Amata Releases New Single



Here’s yet another Nollywood personality going into music. Fred Amata releases a new single and he titles this one, You Are A Nigerian Man. Interesting name for an interesting experiment if you ask me.

Either you judge for yourself, and read what he had to say about the single.

I shocked myself… I have always believed in de potential for humans to do absolutely anything they set out to. I have never had a singing voice, not even for Karaoke. But something about Nigeria, something about our current crises, the brewing hate, the looming threat of disintegration the dwindling value for life, the eroding culture of brotherhood, worried me, inspired me. Invigorated me.. And I sang. You are a Nigerian Man… I recollect the Nigeria I grew up in…The brotherhood of neighbours our bounteous unity in diversity… Nigerian Man was inspired to re invigorate patriotic fervour in Nigerians. It is my social responsibility call to All Nigerians…. This is our Identity. It is light hearted and danceable… Help spread it… Sing it…. Dance to it…



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