Tay Iwar X Le Mav – Golden


Tay Iwar and producer Le Mav are set to release their Collaborative EP GOLD. The track ‘GOLDEN’ is the first taste off the project.

Having previously collaborated on Tay Iwar’s GEMINI album (STRANGER & FOOLS) the duo have developed an undeniable chemistry which has resulted in a full-length project. The single Golden perfectly captures the symbiosis between these two bright talents, each using their abilities to bring out the best in the other.

Tay describing his thought process while creating the record had this to say, “I think the theme is about being golden and standing out beyond all odds…despite all the darkness in the world we all still have to remain fierce, fiery and precious like gold”


About Tay Iwar

The 22-year-old Abuja based recording artist, producer and sound engineer was thrust into the spotlight with records such as ‘Equestrian Love’, ‘Desire’ (with Odunsi) and ‘Wuse II’ as well as his critically-acclaimed first project ‘Passport’.

His growing success led him to releasing the single ‘Video Star’ under licence to Universal Music Group Nigeria. OkayAfrica ranked his songs ‘SPACE’ and ‘SUGARDADDY’ fourth on its list of “13 best Nigerian songs of the Month” in September 2018 and Best Nigerian songs of 2018 respectively. His GEMINI album was released in March 2019 and featured collaborations with Santi, Odunsi (The Engine) and Preye. ‘STRANGER’ has already amassed 1.5 million streams on Apple Music alone and was featured on playlists Mood., Breaking R&B and more.

About Le Mav

Chukwuemeka Gabriel Obi aka Le Mav is a 23-year-old Nigerian music producer. Introduced to music at the age of 3, He has gone on to bag production credits on Santi’s ‘Mandy and The Jungle (Sparky, Murvlana), Tay Iwar’s ‘Gemini’ (Strangers, Fools) and Odunsi The Engine’s ‘rare’. (Take Me There). Le Mav has shown a wide range of versatility and the ability to fuse genres seamlessly while invoking raw emotion in listeners with familiar and nostalgic sounds

First gaining recognition from the 2016 single ‘Situationship’ by Odunsi the Engine, Mav went on to collaborate on AYLØ’s debut project, ‘Honest Conversations’ with the lead single ‘Island Girl’. Mav has also collaborated extensively with Psycho YP, appearing on both YPSZN and YPSZN 2 with tracks such as ‘What’s Love’ and ‘TBH’.


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