Lady Donli – Suffer Suffer


Suffer suffer suffer no go come here, no come my way… In line with the Afrocentric sound of the Enjoy Your Life Album, Suffer Suffer is another mantra Lady Donli gives us.

The song starts with the spirit of Fela chanting the chorus. That spirit of nationalism and unity is evident throughout the song, giving us a glimpse of Donli’s personal journey in life and how she, just like everyone in this world is trying to Enjoy and the warnings received from those important to her.

This is a tune for reflection a tune to awakening the truth in us. We are trying to chase suffering away. With each song release drawing us closer to the bigger picture of the Enjoy Your Life Movement.

Each song entirely different from the last yet carrying the same emotional sentiments and consistency, it is safe to say that Lady Donli’s message to us all is Loud and Clear. “Enjoy Your Life” is the message we all need to find that peace of mind.



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