Album Review: WizKid – SuperStar | Track Pick – Call My Name


WizKid just might be the biggest young star of the past year, and for good reason. His singles have been explosive, and anytime he features on a song it’s almost a guaranteed hit. To whom much is given, much is expected, and with all the love wizkid has gotten since his career took off, the anticipation and expectations for his album was extremely high.

On first listen of this album, in all honesty, I wasn’t wowed. Partly because, I expected something supernatural from the kid, and besides the already released hits, I wasn’t impressed overall. Tracks “Call My Name”, Wad Up, and For Me jumped out to me as major joints initially.

One subsequent listens, and after I decided that I should listen to this album like I would any album, without the massive expectations, I concluded that this is a solid effort from Wizkid. I expect at least 50% of the songs to be radio favorites, and in music these days that’s pretty good.

The downside of this album in my opinion is that some songs could’ve been ex-ed out, and listening from top to bottom without skipping, one can get bored since some songs sound alike so it’s easy to feel like you’re listening to 2-3 songs over and over.

Now for my break down:

1. Call My Name – What a way to start off the album. This infectious tune will make any listener happy instantly, and wizzy does a great job lacing his vocals in tune with the hot beat from E-Kelly.  What else can one say about E-Kelly. The dude is massively talented. Grade – 7.5

2. No Lele – This track initially is a bit of downer especially after the excitement of the first joint. Listen to it on its own, and it’s pretty nice. I like some of the catchy lines in the track “My Music Travel No Visa, Oya Axe Your Sister“. Grade – 6.0

3. Scatter The Floor – This is one of those joints that might not win some people over until you hear it in the club, and you’re in gbedu mood. It has the makings of a club picker upper, but one the flip side it can get a tad bit boring if you’re not that dancing zone. Grade – 6.5

4. Pakurumo – Samklef surprised me on this beat. I don’t think I had heard anything like this from him… A pleasant surprise. This is one of those songs that you just know will be a frequent at weddings, birthday parties, and all kinds of Nigerian ceremonial events. If you’re on the dance floor and ready to spray money or be sprayed, this is the tune for you. The downside is that the middle min or so of the song can get boring, and Wizkid doesn’t do so great lyrically. The name calling at the end, and the chorus makes up for any pitfalls. Grade – 7.0

5. Slow Whine – In all honesty, this isn’t what I expected from a song with WizKid & Banky W on a track. I get the idea behind it, but for some reason it didn’t click as well as I would’ve expected. The highlight of the song was in Banky W’s verse. “Unzip my sokoto and see if it’s true.” The verdict is still out on this because it does sound like it can surprise us and grow, but for now it’s very easy to skip. Grade – 5.5

6. Love My Baby – This is why the girls like WizKid. The guy somehow knows the trick of getting the joints that babes will love, and guys wont mind loving if a girl is around. This is one of those joints that can conveniently play in the background while you’re toasting a babe or being toasted. I wont be looking for it on the album though. The end of the song is the best – where the beat picks up. Grade – 6.5

7. Gidi Girl – Maybe because I’ve heard this many times before, so I wasn’t overly excited to hear it. I’ll go back to when I heard it the first time, and I’ll say it’s a nice joint. Another joint that can play in background while you’re toasting or being toasted, but one that can be easily forgotten. Grade – 6.0

8. Oluwa Noni – The first time I heard this I wasn’t too excited. But then, you listen, and listen again, and you start thinking “Wow… this is hot.” Jay Sleek did a marvelous job on this beat, and WizKid was concise and clear in his delivery. It’s an inspiring joint that will make anyone get up and get it. This song in one word is Clean. Grade – 7.0

9. Don’t Dull – Do I need to explain this? If you need any explanation, Axe Your Mummy. Grade – 9.5

10. Tease Me/ Bad Guys – Again, Do I need to explain this? – 8.5

11. EME Boyz – Banky W, Skales & WizKid on a track together, and your expectation are through the roof. Unfortunately it was a let down. This is decent, but very easy to skip. In all honesty, this could’ve been a whole lot better. It didn’t come together like many would’ve hoped it would. Grade 5.0

12. What You Wanna Do – Why do I feel like this song was made specially for the European fans. Some DJs are probably already licking their fingers waiting to spin this. Nice beat from Samklef, and WizKid pretty much tells us what this is all about. Let’s Celebrate. Grade – 7

13. For Me – It’s Wande Coal!!!! Based on that name on this track it’s already worth 5/10. *jokes*. Seriously though this has to be the next hit on this album. Wizzy and Wande compliment each other well, and the result is a massive hit. Jay Sleek blessed it with his beat. Really… What more can you ask for? Oh one thing… The lyrics could’ve been catchier, but in the club, who cares? Grade – 8.5

14. Holla At Your Boy – Anyday, Anytime. Grade – 8.0

15. Wad Up – This just makes you smile. The combo of WizKid & D’Prince is one I get excited about. From Jonzing World, Molowo Noni, and now this. Wizzy & Omoba do their thing great together. D’Prince just has a way of making the most basic things sound really great. This is a fan favorite, and rightfully so. As simple as the lyrics are, it seems to have struck a great vibe with fans. Grade – 8.0

16. Shout Out – Should this be graded? It sounded more like an outro than a song, however it does have a beat, and lyrics so I’ll give it a grade. This is a nice way to end the album, and has a catchy tag line “God Go Make You Bigger”.  Grade – 7


Conclusion: Overall this is solid debut album from WizKid. I expect this to sell well, to get WizKid a lot of shows, and to have a good number of commercial hits. This is an album every fan of Nigerian music should have. The hits on this album are numerous, and more than many other artists can wish for.

I would’ve loved to see one or 2 more producers with different sounds on this, and maybe a girl featured on a track somewhere. In addition, with the way the songs are lined up it’s easy for the album to get boring listening from top to bottom without skipping tracks.

Wizkid is obviously a talented kid, and one can expect that he will only get better from here.


Overall Grade: 7.0/10


*** Track Pick – Call My Name



  1. 7/10 is very generous o. Take away the hit singles and this album is 5/10 at best with one or 2 other major songs. Wizkid fall my hand for this I no go lie.

  2. well done wizzy..i'll give him a 6/10…the hit singles were the major songs…i'm sure he will do better…i just hope he can handle the fame sha.

  3. U’ve been siting in d corner don’t dull,if u see me drive by holla at ur boi cos u knw u can’t tease me cos am seeing tins.6.8 over ten.u’re album is gud guy

  4. Gosh am so in luv wif wizkid songs,,he knws wat d gals wants indeed n he’s givin it 2 us…And d ratin is cul n fair…But y ddnt u mention my name in pakurumo ‘ronke’,Nywaz i stil luv u…

  5. Wizkid is good to go,i admire few of ur tracks,and may d lord lead u 2tru. U r doin ur best mr i love my if i catch ur mama or sister i swear to God,dont dull wil b my ringtone.holla me @ facebook on Onemillababy FreshFire.jump out d window.


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