Album Review: Wande Coal – Wanted; Is It What We Really Wanted?


As I was looking for a great way to start this article, I realized there was just no way to begin it, without referencing the awesome talent that is Wande Coal.
Since the days of Mo’hits, Wande has always been a standout star, and was the only Mo’hits member to rival Dbanj in terms of hit songs, and it’s no wonder his first album was such a huge success. But I’m not here to compare his two albums, that would be totally myopic and unfair…or is it?

After the turbulence in his career, splitting from the Mavins and the public fallout with Don Jazzy, Wande sort of took a hiatus from the scene, and when he announced his album, the whole industry began salivating over the greatness we were expecting from Wande Coal…then came WANTED.

From the intro of the album, you could sense the type of album Wande was serving up. Seyi Law is a good choice for a mid-album skit, but opening an album with that skit, is like opening a 100-year bottle of wine by breaking the neck of the bottle…it was a funny skit though.

Then, the music started, with ADURA, and it’s easily one of the best songs on the album, and one of the songs I had on repeat. I can’t lie, after I heard Adura, my expectations was raised immediately after being downed by the previous skit. On Superwoman, Wande Coal brings his romantic side in to play, giving lover boys like myself words for our P-Setting. Its a very fine tune, and I’m sure no girl would say no to any guy after listening to the words on Superwoman, except she has a heart of stone, or probably the demon of curving has possessed her.

On tracks like “Monster“, “Same Shit“, both versions of “Wanted“, ” Weekend“,”Ashimapeyin“, Iyawo Mi, Jelly and “Make you mine featuring 2face” Wande Coal shines effortlessly like the black diamond he really is, giving us vocals that are unrivaled, and complimented with top quality production.

I’m not gonna give a track by track review, c’mon, its 23 tracks, not that I can’t do it, but it would be unnecessarily boring just like some of the tracks on the album. The likes of “We ball“, the skit with Falz and IamJimmie, “Plenty love” and “African Lady“. On the aspect of features, I like the number of features on the album, its decent, and all the artistes featured on the album really brought their A-game to the party, most especially 2face.

The Production on the album is mostly top class, although the mixing on some of the tracks could have been better. The chemistry between Maleek Berry and Wande Coal has to be noted also. Both sound like a good partnership and it can only get better if they continue working with each other.

Generally, this is a good album, but not a great album though. It is exactly what I expected from Wande. I didn’t expect him to give me an album like M2M after being away from the game for so long, but I did expect an album that could be good enough. I mean its Wande Coal we are talking about here, but I have hopes for Wande still. My only prayer is that he should not make us wait for another six years before we get an album.

Do you think Wande Coal could have done better? Is it what we really wanted? I’d like to hear from you.



  1. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. DAT album is 5/5 for me…calling it a good album, that’s a f*cling great album dude!

  2. This album is str8 garbage. After all the hype has calmed down we’ll all realize that we were just anxious for his album. But really it’s trash.


  3. I don’t know what u guys expected wande coal to give you people, abi he should spit fire first before you guys are satisfied.


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