Album Review: Waje – Word Aren’t Just Enough


Waje’s highly anticipated album, Word Aren’t Just Enough was finally released amidst super excitement from fans. Saying the album was highly anticipated is a bit of an understatement as it’s been an album long overdue.

They say it’s not how long but how well, so the most important thing was that Waje actually delivered an album that was quality. We’ll take a journey into discovering why really, Word Aren’t Just Enough.


The album kicks off with one of the lead singles of the album, Oko Mi. The track produced by Del B is already a fan favorite and one that is getting its fair play at weddings all over. The song even though per-released sets the tone for the album that will delve into love, hurt, independence, joy, hustling, and just a range of general life issues – All in a very pop-ish and exciting way.

Next up is the duet with Tiwa Savage that definitely raised eye brows when we saw the track list. You mean 2 of the finest voices in Nigeria will get on a track together? Even though Onye didn’t hit the high level of expectations I had, it was still one that I enjoyed and could be a stellar success with the right push. A song that will also need some push is the next track in line, Ijeoma. A house music vibe with Igbo high-life lacing, it has the feel of something you’d be vibing to in the club, but as a stand-alone track on an average day it can get a bit monotonous.

Waje is at her finest when she brings some energy and excitement to her music, and that is exactly what she does on Fine Girl. The song is so catchy that even me (as a guy) started singing “I’m a fine girl, noni.” Yea, I know :). The journey of the song hits on independence and girl power in a way that’s very attractive, and catchy. On a similar P, Waje rubs with the rough on the next track, Grind with features Burna Boy. Leriq did his thing on the beat, and Burna Boy did exactly what he was supposed to do – provide an edge. A decent track by all standards.

Waje wasn’t about let go of the money-making theme quickly as the next track, Time Na Money, stays in line. Time Na Money shows Waje drive seriously into the hip-hop world, and scraps the line between RnB & Hip-Hop. A very impressive feat for the singer that is primarily known for her vocal powers.

Taking a different direction, the album goes into what we are used to hearing from Waje. I Wish is also one of the lead singles of the album, and enjoyed a lot of radio play for its infectious and lovable soft reggae beat. From a reggae vibe to a vintage feel, we get into what we’ve known Waje for these past couple of years. No Be You rivals One Naira in terms of Waje exercising those vocal cords. It’s simply wonderful from the songstress, and one that could easily be a classic years later. Speaking of classics, a classic maker, Cohbams Asuquo joins Waje via productions to bring the next track Black & White featuring Eva & Phyno. Eva & Phyno interestingly complement each other very well, and seeing a track from both of them wont be a bad idea. Black & White is pretty decent and a track that does well when listening to the album.

You saw this coming right? After combining to bring one of the biggest hits of the past 5 years, MI & Waje team up again to provide their fans with this love track, Only You. It’s hard to recreate that magic again, but this is pretty damn close. A very lovable song that will feature on a lot of weddings, the track lets us know that Waje & MI work very well together. A song that has already been featured in many weddings is the original version of Na The Way which features J-Martins & Sarkodie. Throwing Sarkodie on any remix can only do good to the track, and that’s exactly what happened here.

Heading towards the tail end of the album, we get the track Tomorrow, which for some reason just doesn’t hit it on all cylinders. The attempt is to have a very happy, pop track, but it almost seemed a bit forced. However it could make for a very good theme song for a TV show or a commercial. Now the next track, One More Time,  is a much better attempt at getting a joint with a club feel. A little bit David Guetta-ish, the song brings a nice close to what has been for the most part a very pleasurable album listening experience.


It’s never been a doubt that Waje had the talents, but whether or not she could deliver a stellar album was up in the air. With this album, you can say Waje delivered on a very high level, and one that will surely send fear shots to her competitors. With the exception of a few hiccups here and there on the album, Waje has proven to herself and to others that even if she is not the Queen Of African Soul, she’s pretty damn close to it.


Rating: 8/10


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Album Stats

Producers – Del B, Spellz, E-Kelly, Sizzle Pro, Cobhams Asuquo, J. Martins, Pappy J, Leriq, M.I
Guests – Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy, M.I, Phyno, Eva
Label – Waje Music Entertainment (2013)



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