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How does one describe good music eloquently? It probably is the hardest thing to do for me. I have heard people equate it to mind blowing sex. I have also heard people equate it to exquisite cuisine. However way one defines it, one thing remains certain, it is undeniable. You remember the first time you heard it, you remember where you were when you heard it and who you were with. If you are like me, it goes instantly into one of your many playlists: “Good music”, “Sex”, “Love”, “Wedding”, “Drive” or “Mellow”.

I still remember the very first time I heard Timi Dakolo.

I was home for Christmas and my dad took the family out to some concert (I forget the name) and it was there I heard about Timi for the first time ever, and when I asked who he was my dad was proud to announce to me that he was the winner of the West African Idol. The mic was bad, the speaker was bad, but still his voice was enthralling and he got a well deserved standing ovation once he was done. I took an interest in him and fast forward a couple years ahead, I now have the honor of reviewing his album.

We definitely apologize for the tardiness as the album was released way back in August, but we reckon that some of you might not have heard it, and even if you have, we just have to share our own opinion of the album.

So what do we think?  – The album is great. Hands down perfect, and the best album out of Nigeria this year.

Here are 12 reasons why I think so.

1. Noise (Skit) – I actually had no idea what language this song was, until my friend told me it was Ijaw. But that’s the beauty of music. The languauge is irrelevant to the fact that his voice on here is beautiful and I never skip this song. Actually at 24 seconds, it can hardly be called a song, right?

2. Let It Shine – The beat of this song always gets me. It makes me pay attention to the song and listen to what Timi is saying. The lyrics are inspiring to say the least and encouraging for anybody who is going through one struggle or the other. The backup singers on the latter part of this song make it quite enjoyable.


3. The Woman I Love – I LOVE this song. The honesty of this song is what really gets me. Most love songs want to tell you about how they met the girl and immediately fell in love. On this, he says the exact opposite and talks about getting to know her and how he never leaves her. Love it. The reggae tone of this song is also a definite plus.


4. I Love You – Let me just start by saying what I should have properly started this post with: Cobhams Asuquo is a BEAST. He produces the entire album and he does a very fine job of it. The  mellowness of this song is what makes it so great. Simple song and yet so beautiful.


5. Heaven Please Ft. M.I – This song is at least two years old, at least! Yet, it remains a great song. You can tell that this song is very personal to him, and he pours out his heart as he cries out to the heavens. M.I’s verse is also solid.


6. Is It Over Ft. Joan Expai – The background noise, the beginning guitar strings of this song and Timi’s voice as he starts to sing had me hooked and almost in tears. By the time Joan joined him, I was indeed crying and thinking of lost love. Joan’s voice blends in well with Timi, but not perfectly, so I have to deduct points for that. It still remains a great song though.


7. Love Song – Absolute perfection in a song. I mean, I actually have no words to tell you how lovely this song is. His voice, the piano playing, the lyrics. I feel the need to change the scale, so I could score this song so much higher.


8. Raise The Roof Ft. Cobhams – I think it’s funny that they felt the need to have an “official party anthem” like they call it but it was not needed. It also does not take anything away from this album, although by putting at number 8, it disturbs the flow of the entire album. I also do not see it actually being played at clubs in Naija, maybe house parties though. Not a bad song.


9. Love Of My Life – My wedding song and not just have it played, but have Timi himself singing this. The greatness of this song cannot be overstated it. Shout-out to Cobhams on production again. The melody of this song is quite beautiful.


10. So Beautiful Ft. Elvis Larri – Yoruba girl that I am, this song just has me dancing and shaking my non-existent bum. There is nothing, absolutely nothing better than gangan (talking drums) and a saxophone on a song. Elvis Larri shines on this song as well. I dare you to not like this song.


11. There’s A cry – I love the poignancy of this song. It’s a song that needs to be heard, but I hate that it comes right after such a fun song. Still, this song speaks to us Nigerians to be the change we want to see and not give up hope.


12. I love You (Remix) Ft. Jesse Jagz – The fast tempo of this song actually makes it jump a point in my books. I had no problems with the mellow version but yet I find myself really loving this slightly more. The first verse by Jesse Jagz I could have done without, but the second verse was OK.


Conclusion: – I’m not good with maths, but I believe that totals up to be at least a 9/10 overall. That’s as perfect as they come in this industry. So you should definitely go check it out. Timi also released a premium edition which has two other songs I could not get my hands on before this write up, but from the previews on iTunes, they sound to me like they are also very awesome.

This is great album for the discerning ear and i honestly do not believe it has been given recognition till date. We hope this piece changes that, as we expect it to see songs from and the entire album itself win major awards throughout the next year. Timi Dakolo showed that the wait for the album is totally worth it, his voice is even better, he sings from his heart and we love him for it, we hope you do too.

That’s what I think? What do you guys think? Did you like it? Do i have it right? Let me know.


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  1. According to this review, the album must be the greates r&b album in the history of African music. Issokay. An Elephant cannot still spell IFENEME.

  2. wit the little 'v heard from Timi,i can believe any good thing said musically about the dude and its high time interlectuals in Nigeria rise and thoroughly support good and mature music…was expecting to see more comments here!we keep complaining bout the rubish most artists now produce in the industry but yet when the good ones release stuff we fail to support them…well wit Cobahms on this,it has to be a classic!Good review especially with condeming the party track thingy…lol!all the best to Timi!

  3. the album “beautiful noise” is one of the greatest song ever done by a nigerian artist, but i wonder why it has not recieved massive air play..what exactly is wrong with nigeria DJ’s?…….timi, you’re the best and the best you are………keep it up

  4. Just stumbled into Jaguda's album review section and I am quite impressed so far. Thanks for the review and the song by song detailing and review. That's so much better than a simplistic overall rating. Having listened to the album so far…you are absolutely on point. His voice is other-worldly good… definitely a must-listen. (again, thanks for the great review). best song(s) for me: So Beautiful; The woman I love


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