Album Review: The Collectiv3, The Collectiv3 LP


Every so often, when you’re beginning to think that all Nigerian music sound the same with recycled beats, lyrics, and ideas, something comes out and surprises you pleasantly.

That’s the way I felt listening to this album, The Collectiv3 LP, from SDC, Temi Dollface, Kid Konnect, IKON, Funbi, Nsikak, Poe and Chin. The album is truely expressive music without the constraints of commercialism, and it brought out the creative juices in all the artists involved. I mean how did they all think to come together and put this forward? A+ to who thought this up.

The album starts off with the very unique blend of traditional and house sounds in Akintunde done by IKON, and Temi Dollface. School Your Face is a similarly upbeat song, and showcases more of Temi Dollface’s versatility and ingenuity. Envy is the theme there, and by this time you’re already getting the idea that this album is very different.

Forbidden Fruit by Funbi is probably my favorite song on the album, and you get to see what we’re missing from Funbi in the industry. The idea is as the title suggests – the best friend’s girlfriend. Funbi should really put out material more often. Poe teams up with Funbi on the tune, Sexy Bitch, which talks about the hot girl we all know that is probably out of your league. The concept behind it is fascinating.

From Poe, to his rap uncles in SDC but staying with a similar concept, Shey Bai is classic SDC. Clear, well thought out lyrics over a solid beat that doesn’t over shadow the song so you get the message. It’s amazing how mature the lyics from Ghost and Tec are.

Kid Konnect, Nneka, Loose Kaynon, and M.anifest worked their magic on Judgement keeping up with the alternative house themed tunes. Each artist expressing their own unique styles. Temi Dollface goes story telling on Just Like That before the album concludes with the love tune, Adore, by Poe & Kunbi (that didn’t really hit the spot as much), and Happy Day by Nsikak; A very well put together instrumental piece by the guitarist to wrap up the album.

Overall, the album is an exceptional body of work filled with musical creativity, and free expression. It’s an album that makes you believe that amidst all the timkpa timkpa disposable music, there are some peeps out there with major talent just doing music for the love of it. More importantly, making very good music.

If there’s one complaint I have about the project, is that it’s too short. But that’s not really a complaint is it?

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