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Sometime last week, during a great hip hop week in Nigerian Music, Super C Season was dropped on us. This was the sophomore album by rapper/singer, Naeto-C popularly known as the only MC with an Msc. I for one, knew he had an album coming out but did not know the exact date it was coming out. For some reason it didn’t have as much press and hype like I would have expected, which is a shame, because the album is a delight to listen to. On the flip side, you can argue that most of the hype that came from this album came after people bought and listened to it. Great work sells itself in the long run.

Naeto C  had already released three singles prior to the release of his album and “10/10”, “Duro” and “Share my blessings” had been very well received by the public. I think the differences between these singles represents the tone of the album. The album is like a comprehensive menu that has something for everyone. Packed with well known guest stars such as Omawumi, Asa, Waje, Dokta Frabz etc, Naeto delivers a well balanced album that seems infused with cultural influences. We see Naeto speaking more Igbo than usual (although if you are a fluent speaker, you will notice he probably doesn’t speak it as often) in a few songs of his and he also fuses in the Yoruba in songs like Duro and Ako Mi Ti Poju which features YQ and the late Dagrin respectively. Add 10/10’s “shikena” in the mix, and we have a complete tour of the major languages on this album.

Overall, even though Naeto-C isn’t the strongest lyricist, he delivers a solid album that has a positive vibe about it. What Naeto C lacks a bit of in solid lyricism he more than makes up for in finesse and great musical taste. Simply put, his album has great music. Most of the songs are upbeat songs that speak about upliftment, he also throws in some love songs and delivers two songs that will definitely be popular in Nigerian weddings, “A furum gi n’anya” and “5 and 6”. The production on every song was definitely on point and I didn’t have to hit the skip button many times.

In conclusion, I would recommend this album to anyone and Naeto C should definitely be proud of his sophomore effort. In an industry where acts come in and go out faster than you can blink, Naeto C has managed to stay very relevant, and with an album like this, it doesn’t look like he’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.

Fav Tracks: Carry Your Shoulder, 5 & 6, 10 over 10, Share My Blessings, Skimpolo, C Me Finish

Overall Grade: 8.0/10

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Track Listen: Super C Season

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  1. Pls dis album deserves more than 8 over ten. In fact, its ten over ten. And pls he is a strong lyricist if not d strongest nigerian lyr. I just love nc. He’s d next best tin after dagrin

  2. I think this should be a 9/10. Naeto C comes correct on this album, and I think the songs grow on u. Super C Season is better than MI2 in my opinion…

  3. the album is mad..forget d fact u havent seen it on some blogs..
    get ur copy and join the fun..the album is 10/10
    my fav:5 and 6, c me finish, afruru'm gi naya, share my blessings,carry ur shoulder…all songs are mad
    its SUPER C SEASON..yes boss

  4. i like d way taynement puts it ‘finesse and great musical taste’. I think m.i showed us dat with his 1st album and now naeto c has done it with his 2nd. Sometimes d beat on m.i 2 feels like it was coming 4rm my lil bro’s toy piano. I’m just saying, m.i is still hot and he is more street on this time, it feels like jesse jaggz did less work on m.i2.

  5. i tink dt super c season is one of d best rap albums dt came out ds year.naeto did a gud job and almost al d beats wer on fav ar skimpololo,voodoo,dejavu


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