Album Review: Mo’CheddaH – Franchise Celebrity


If you asked me sometime in the beginning of the year, I would have said that Mo’CheddaH is the next hottest female Naija (oops, sorry Auntie Dora) artist. Ask me now and I’ll simply remove the ‘Next’.

Mo’CheddaH is the quintessential versatile artist. She can sing and rap (in straight and pidgin English), not to forget the dance moves. Pre-released singles include “If You Want Me”, “Ko Ma Roll”, and “No Be Money”, just to name a few. This chic has been on her grind to stay at the top and with such an impressive resume, it’s hard to compete.

This album has something for everyone. The rap-heads have “Uncensored” or “In the morning ft. Naeto C”. The party addicts have “Follow follow” or “What’s your fuuji”. And my personal Favorite, “Free Worship pt. 1” where she mashes up popular Nigerian worship songs into one awesome track. Very impressive. Basically there’s a tune for every occasion/mood.

Features include Naeto C (In the morning), Othello (If You Want Me), Chuddy K (Shampoo) and a sweet outro with the late great DaGrin (Thank You).

All in all, as far as debut albums go, I think Mo’CheddaH really hit the spot with “Franchise Celebrity”.

Grade: 8.5/10

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  1. Mo’chedah is simply one of d best female artist n 9ja.i dy feel ha die nd cnt wait 2 feature ha n one of my debut sing.


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