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After releasing about one half of what would be his sophomore album piecemeal, over several months; Wizkid decided the time was right to bless us with the remainder of the pudding. Although I lost appetite a long time ago, courtesy demands that when the Star Boy calls you to a feast, you oblige. Shall we…?

The album starts out with Jaiyejaiye feat Femi Kuti which, in my opinion, is a good album starter; it sets the album off to a high start, especially when the album is titled “Joy”. Groovaay.

Show you the money is just another bland Wizkid tune, nothing exceptionally creative about this song. From thought to execution, this song falls flat on its face.

In my bed  to me, is an absolute songwriting disaster. This song starts off, as one would expect, with Wizkid wooing a girl into his bed, and with little warning, quickly morphs into praise singing (names that are not relevant to the initial issue of a girl in his bed) and then back again. Whew! Remarkable stuff.

Mummy mi is the most disappointing “mama” song I’ve heard in a while. The songwriting on this song is dead lazy. You can’t say you like your mother and all you can tell us about her is that she bore you in her womb for 9 months; I mean, you’d expect that we knew that already, right? Surely Wizkid can do better.

Ojuelegba: Shout out to legendury beatz, the groove of this song is truly legendary. Wizkid, on the other hand, did not fully rise to the occasion, as I found the lyrics of this song to be sparse and sub par. I will take just the beat and trash everything else. This song could have offered more.

Kind love is straight up crappy and mediocre. I wouldn’t accept this from a rookie let alone from the Star boy. This is a very weak song.

Ontop your matter: You know this one already. Nice groove. Na jam.

In love feat Seyi Shey is, for me, the best song on this album. I love the production, choice of collaboration and execution. This is the minimum quality of music I expect from Wizkid on his sophomore album. I fell In love from the very first play. Seyi shows that she is indeed, a pro at her craft. This is a beautiful song; and Dr Frabz still has my high regard. Great  job!

For you feat Akon: At this point in the album I’m sick of the word “baby,” unfortunately Wizkid appears almost incapable of making a song without it. But thank God for Akon who took time to school the on how to seize a track. Akon’s contribution definitely saved this song.

Dutty whine feat Banky W, Omalicha, and Celebrate are just barely okay songs.

Kilofe: This appears to be a terrible knockoff of seantizzle’s kilogbe. This song has nothing fresh, unique, or interesting about it. It’s another weak effort on this project.

Bombay feat Phyno: I never thought highly of this song and that feeling lingers. Although Phyno delivers, he still loses some cool points from me for managing to land on such a pointlessly bland booty song; to collabo is not by force. Meanwhile, I still can’t make up my mind which is worse; the song, or the video. Can you?

One question feat yemi sax: I like Wizkid’s intro on this classic highlife instrumental; but that’s about all. This is yet another “dance” and “baby” song, like I haven’t had enough yet. Tiring!

Show me the money (remix) feat Tyga is pretty much the same song as the original version with Tyga’s verse slapped onto it. This is another irrelevant, high profile collaboration; if one could even call it that.

Murder feat wale is a JAM!!! I would expect to see a dapper video for this joint. Shout out to Maleek Berry for this fantastic production. This song gets me moving like an OG. Wizkid came through with some purpose, but not without some of his hackneyed phrases. Wale’s ability also came through. This is definitely one of the better songs off this album.

I fell in love with Joy way before the album dropped. Wizkid was fantastic on this song. The lyrics poured out from a strong place and it’s a beauty. Here is the grown Wizkid putting in effort and I can’t get enough of this song. Oboy! This production dey sweet like sugarcane. Lovely! I feel Joy. Oshe Frabz!

Caro feat Lax: Nah! It’s very hard not to move to this. This is a jam, kudos to the producer of this tune. This is a dance song but the detail in the production is quite impressive and we appreciate that. Sweet tune!!!

The Mob’s Take: 

The Wizkid I heard on this album is a huge downgrade from the guy on “super star“; not much learnt and little growth. I think Wizkid meant well but a lot of the time he was simply out of his depth; I heard a zeal without knowledge. For such a highly anticipated album from one of Africa’s most successful acts in recent years, this album fell way short of the mark. The topics on the album were, for the most part, too predictable and cheap. A few of the production on the album maintained a continuous loop throughout the song, suggesting a lack of proper liaison between producer and artiste, resulting in poor arrangement. The album parades international collaborations that are, frankly, more cosmetic than musical. This album has more “babies” than a crèche; a few Ferraris and Bugattis, and plenty “money spending” betraying a lack of serious thought in the songwriting. Wizzy surely needs more music knowledge, and extra hands to maintain the momentum he has attained at this point in his career. I don’t think this album is special; and because to whom much is given, much more is expected, this ranks among one of the most disappointing albums released this year by a Nigerian.

This is my take. Let’s have yours.

After you cop the album

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  1. Pls if u re in dis world to condemn ppl work u better go die cos d music u just condemned in star boy album. I see it as rubbish or maybe for fans sake cos its a very nice job n lyrics from wizkid. High rate in ITunes mind u

  2. Very true!!! But his fans wld never agree to this, wish I cld blog for a site like this that post the truth

  3. We know starboy isn’t always magnificent with them lyrics, so jam or no jam, lyrics or no lyrics, fans like am die!!! The line loop is nothing new, na wetin hi, use blow sef & he know his fans will still recognize yo!


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