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So the long awaited, eagerly anticipated, much hyped MI2 album has finally dropped! You should have seen the madness on twitter pre and post droppage(?) of the album… Heard #MI2 even trended worldwide on twitter (at #8)…  Maybe there is an MI2 movie coming out, don’t know, but it was only an album that dropped. The concept of the album though is pretty much a movie, and I absolutely luv it. I like the whole Waje thing going on, she plays M.I.’s love interest.. And Dr SID as a real doctor lol.. and then the baddest bad guy Mustapha.. Classic!

Mr. Incredible did not fail to deliver the goods on this album please! Honestly if you sit down to listen to this guy’s lyrical wordplay you will definitely agree that he is indeed a ‘Microphone Magician’ because normal people cannot do it like he does. And did you hear the song ‘Beef’?? I mean I was feeling the joint so much i had to extract a portion for y’all.

“See musicians tryna beef me for real son/maybe they doin it to promote their album/they know that using my name will help them sell some/so Iceberg is alright your welcome/but I’m not in their league help me tell them/the super eagles don’t play against the falcons/see wor wor pikin dey form handsome/kelechukwu clap for yourself, well done”


Tracks to watch out for on the album: Beef, Number One ft. Flavour, Craze, Action Film, One Naira and almost all the others lol.

But was this album overrated? Did M.I. really give us something we hadn’t already seen from him? Don’t get me wrong, M.I. is a hot contestant for the best rapper in the whole continent. But that is not an excuse to shy away from constructive criticism. Now MI2 is a hot album, we all agree to that (no?.. transformer). But the hotness of this album is the same hotness that M.I. has brought to all his other appearances. This does not mean, in any way that I did not enjoy the album, I’ve been rocking to it since it came out and I’m not even stopping anytime now, but it didn’t give me as much ‘wow’ as I thought I would get. I was kinda expecting to hear something that would make me go “damn I didn’t know this guy had [this] or could do [that]”, but instead I was saying “Yes boss! M.I. killed it again”. And there is nothing wrong with that, but its just like soccer players… When they have scored enough goals, they begin to score goals WITH STYLE. Mr. Incredible has “Scored” enough hits, I believe its time for him to add a few more leg-overs, flying headers, and bicycle-kicks to his already baddass style.

Also, as much as I enjoyed all the movie skits in the album, I would love a version of the album that has those skits cut out please. When I’m bumping this album in my ride on the way to the clubs, I’d rather hear non-stop music than have Mustapha and the gang interrupting me for over a minute on almost all the tracks. I mean, I couldn’t even fit the whole album on a regular blank CD when I got it. Had to start choosing which songs to drop, and on this album there are VERY FEW songs one would want to remove.

All in all, the album is a must-get for all lovers, beefers (Suya sellers and retailers), and the very few in between!

Grade: 8.5/10

What do you think?..

*** CLICK HERE to listen to Number One ft. Flavor and One Naira ft. Waje ***


  1. thats a pretty good score though, wat artists do u know can even reach 8.5 these days??? all that nonsense auto-tune they put on every track… (

  2. CORRECT review!! ..i totally agree with the fact that he didnt change a whole lot in this album..but yet again..The album TOH BAD ohh.. i wont shy away from that… #MI2 = SWEET MUSIKK

  3. Nice review! I must confess, the twitter hype made me get the album faster, but made me give the album an average rating. But on second listen….MAD! But u are right, I want more stunts! And those skits are too damn long

  4. I think this review is definitely bang on. The reviews Ive seen have all played the album out to be rubbish and not what they expected, MI is a rapper, he is not always gonna give you club hits like every one expected, the concept was movie like so to fit more songs that can be played in clubs will derail the whole purpose of a movie like album, 8.5 is a very fair grade as he delivers lyrically and his versatility is just outstanding with the variety of songs he gives us from start to finish. I just hope the album can get more recognition, not only in nigeria but maybe even UK and the state.

    • don't agree. there are many movie soundtracks that can be played in the club. kanye's new album is a good example of an album that sounds like a movie but can still be bumped to. and movie soundtracks come in a wide range of styles, not just orchestral or whatever else people typically associate with movies. but you're right; a rap album doesn't need to have club hits. we could always leave that to the remix DJs.

      the skits were annoying though. just didn't work for me.

  5. It the short black boy again, this time with a crazy flow and a more crucifying lyrics.This album is the bomb.I can't stop listening.

  6. I heard that the Street version of the MI2 doesn't have all the skits on them.. So I guess that would work for those that do not want the skits. For me, the skits work in a way..

  7. By the way i think the reviewer should give this album 9/10, cos Mocheddah's album also was given an 8.5 which cannot be compared to this album, in a general sense of Music (I am saying this cos i have both). Plus the album was trending @ #7 and not #8.. Nice review though but please do something with that score.

  8. Funny enuf when I heard it the first time, I was ready to give it a 7.5, but it grows on you. I think 8.5 is pretty accurate.

  9. M.I Abaga"Na so craze dey start for University class,If u study u mst knw somebody 2 pass" U r undisputed Rapper mehn we r waitin 4 third album pls!

  10. True talk Aribaba, when I first listened to it I wasnt so sure but now I cant stop listening to it…I cant pick a fave cos I love every track and yes the street version dosent have all the skits (I was wondering what the writer meant by that)
    All in all great review and comes off objective.

    On a side note I wish the quality of the CD per se will improve cos I think I am on the 3rd MI2 copy…they should use CD’s that can witstand constant and instant replay…or could it be my cd player?

  11. i luv d review.its all dat waz on my mind.ratin is very fair and d album is da bumb.som traks spoke 2 me directly.really got me in2 m.i’s fans list.luv y’all

  12. M.I 2 Is really interestin’ infact its really entertainin’,I cn evn say its one of tha most inevitable album I eva heard… Jst leave it in my sidekick,M.I keep ya head up we’ll neva let u down…

  13. Thot folks wud give him props for not bothering to have too many club bangers, cos I thot that was a plus, as this has been the bane of many rap albums.(See Ruggedman’s latest effort). Some of the songs show he’s got deep waters. Loved the Jos song, you cud hear his pain in that one. Loved the Waje song, its on repeat in my head. Agree wit the review. MI did his thing, but he still did it so well. Album is on repeat in my car.

  14. i dont aggree that this album doesnt have extra skills like flyimg headers and bicycle kicks. he busted with pigeon on MY BELLE MY HEAD. NA SO CRAZE DEY START was reminiscent of a Fela song. Number1 feat. flavor is a wonderful hiphop/highlife combination. This is the only album that has displayed better beats/production than any of the last albums produced by Don Jazzy. Trust me the beats on this aLBUM is under-rated. To me this Album is on the same level with GRASS 2 GRACE by 2face . i wd score it 9/10. but trust me if it came along with wonderful videos it wd have been 10/10. But all in all i think M.i is probabaly one of the world's best. We probably dont appreciate him enough cos he is one of our own. Afterall, wetin Lil wayne and snoop dey rap sef? This short black boy dey bust. put him on the level of Naz, eminem and JayZ.


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