Album Review: Lynxxx – This Is Lynxxx | Track Listen – Alabukun ft. Banky W


“What Is Utunu?”

Those are the first words we hear as we are introduced to Lynxx’s debut album – This is Lynxx. The first track “Where you belong” samples Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love”. The song is a mellow song that is not indicative of the tone of the album because this album is an upbeat, party album but I guess he was easing us in. Before I continue, I will admit to already making an assumption about this album before listening to it. I had heard some of the songs half heartedly and seen how the ladies were crushing over Lynxxx, so I assumed that as an artist he was a gimmick, and by gimmick I mean – a pretty face with a mystery slogan and catchy beats but being the fair person that I am, I gave this a chance and gave it multiple listens to come up with this review.

What I liked: I liked that Lynxxx had his own sound. Personally, I don’t like when I listen to an album and the artist sounds like they are still trying to find their sound. Even though, the songs are all different there is still that Lynxxx identifying factor in each. I liked the general playfulness of the album, it puts you in a happy mood and the album definitely has its club bangers on there. The guest stars fit with the songs they were in, the usual notable names were on there like Banky W, Wizkid, Mo’ Cheddah, R2Bees and a host of others.

What I didn’t care for: Usually, I like when an album has many songs like this one, which had 18 songs but like a friendship that has run its course, this album ran its course (for me) after Track 11. You see, the album has a lot of Lynxxx yelling Utunu, exclaiming with “ha!’s” and a lot of funny sing song comments done with an Igbo accent. After you have heard that over and over, it kinda gets stale and you zone out. Also, I just didn’t think the songs from Track 12 to the end were just as good. One thing I did notice (which could be my OCD) is that for as much as Utunu is his magic code word why did the girl who did the intro to Track 2 (“international”) say “Oh my God, it’s Untunu”. Was that done on purpose? Or was that overlooked?

I should warn you that, three words you will hate by the time you are done with this album are: Utunu, Syndicate Records and Skinny Jeans. These are words said over and over (and over) in this album lol. Overall it was an enjoyable album and it is the kind of album you can just let play at a house party and everyone will move at least one body part (be it waist or head).If you are the type of person who expects an album to give you insight into the artist’s mind or life, don’t expect to get that from this album, the closest to that was “Spotlight”. With song titles like “Jollof” or “Big Boomskolo”, The album, is like that class clown that makes everyone laugh but you never really know what’s going on with them. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing but I know that just like I never got to find out what Utunu means I also couldn’t decide if I could take Lynxxx seriously.

For those of you that have listened to the album, what are your thoughts?

My favorite tracks: Change your parade, Good Lurving, Wahala and Mixed Signals.

Grade: 7/10

Track Listen: *** Alabukun ft. Banky W ***



  1. Too Bad Jaguda dot com , what would it take for you guys to get a Good a Album Reviewer?? Your Write-Ups are Good , But ALL your album reviews cannot be used as a point of reference at all.This album is 4 / 10 , Thats just that ..

    • Errr…reviews are the reviewers opinion. Nobody forced you to accept the 7/10, if you think that it's a 4, then that's your own opinion.

  2. I heard the cd and got annoyed after track 8 or so. The solid jamz are hot but everything else is wack. I wont go as far as saying it's 4/10, but it's like a 6 or 5.5 out of 10.

  3. he is a cute face but rap skills well sub par would be talking highly of him.

    so on to the next rapper.. not impressed at all


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