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Arguable on of the most anticipated rap albums Everbody Loves IcePrince is finally here. Judging from the success of his smash hit single “Oleku”, we need no jazz man to tell us how much pressure was on the J-town MC to deliver a solid piece of work. After listening to the album about 15 times, I can confidently say that Ice Prince is not here to play. He reveals to us that he is setting out to be not just another conventional rapper & he got away with some tricks.

Generally, Ice Prince delivered a solid debut album. Though the album may have had a few short-comings, it is a very solid start for Ice Prince’s career.

The Album featured artistes in from all brackets; from up-coming acts to the top shots of the Industry. Guest appearances include Yung L, J Milla, Wizkid, 2face Idibia,Wizboy, Sean Terro, Morell, Samklef, and of course Brymo, Jesse Jagz and MI.

The production was majorly a choc boi affair dominated by instrumentals from Jesse jagz and a few from Jude Abaga. However, Production from Wizboy, E-Kelly, Chopstix and “NEA producer of the year” Samklef, helped to spice up the album, and open it up to a broader audience.

Track A-Z

1. Remember – The “Intro” to an album is a very vital element. It says a lot about what you have to offer. Ice Prince gives us a reason to love him by paying due respect to the pioneers in the game who paved the way for his entry. Ice Prince does this with a steady flow and dope manipulation of words on a soulful beat by Jude Abaga (MI). What a way to start an album. This gives Ice crazy industry points. He knows his art and respects its History. – 8.0

2. Juju – A feel-good track produced by Jesse Abaga. Ice Prince goes in on his success and addresses the haters on this track. He shows maturity lyrically on this joint. This song will definitely get heads nodding. Even the haters might nod their heads to this. Plus the hook is catchy. What can you ask for? – 8.0

3. Superstar – No need for too much talk. The song proved to be a solid follow-up to Oleku. Jesse Jags has been killing these instrumentals this year. Ice prince definitely worked hard to deliver on this one and from the response from the streets; we can’t but agree that it’s another banger. – 9.0

4. Magician – Ice Prince? Yes its Ice prince. Jesse Jags shows his versatility by delivering a solid dancehall track. Even Vybz Kartel will proudly jump on this track. With help from 2/3 of the GRIP boys; Yung L & J Milla, who showed great skill on this track, another sweet dancehall track is born. Unlike the regular dancehall track, a lot of “low-key” lyricism is incorporated. This will definitely set the mood for many things. Things like playing football. One has to think Endia is missing from this though. – 8.0

5. Baby – Ice-Prince reaches out to a broader fan-base on this one. Yes they matter. The Ladies . With a highlife inspired beat from Jesse Jags and typical highlife ending to the track, Ice prince dumbs it down and chooses to show his soft side on this one. Good track. This will surely get a lot of spins in the east. – 7.0

6. Olofofo – Another decent production from MI. Ice prince addresses the haters on this one. They seem to be getting much love on this album. Wizkid delivers a solid hook and a verse. This by all standards is a decent track. Who better to join forces to address hater than WizKid himself. Dude has had his fair share this year – 7.0

7. See Myself – Ice prince comes with an interesting concept on this one. It’s an inspirational track where he reminisces on his success & the willingness to help those behind him. Ice Prince claims his spot in the industry with this one. The hook is rather monotonous though but Ice prince uses his verses to spit reality on this one. -7.0

8. Wasup Wasup – Who should we thank for this one? Jesse Jags does a perfect job on the instrumentals. The details put into the track behind the basic kicks and snares are remarkable. Ice prince doesn’t really rap on this one but he does his thing with his flow on this one. 2face Idibia, arguably the king of Nigerian new school, blesses this track with a solid verse. The track is another one where Ice prince reminisces on his success and gives glory to God. It is a solid joint. No doubt -8.5

9. Oleku – Let’s move on to the next track for obvious reasons. – 10/10

10. Find You – A man with a heart of stone will be touched by this track. Ice prince gets emotional by pouring out his love and appreciation to his late parents. He uses the story telling skills of a dope MC to deliver a very touching and deep message. A high point is where his kid sister, Blessing Zamani, talks about missing her parents over the sober Jesse Jags instrumentals and says a prayer for her siblings. A very mature song -9.0

11. By This Time – This is definitely a marketable track. Ice Prince features Wizboyy on this track that basically gives glory to God for upgrading them to their present status in the industry. The track was produced by Wizboyy. I won’t be surprised if Ice Prince gets many shows in the East over the next year just for this track. – 7.5

12. Somebody Lied – This is another inspiring track to not only upcoming artists, but to anybody that has a dream. E-kelly does a good job on the beat. Ice prince uses the story of his life to show that focus and determination can take you to heights that may not look feasible. Moral of the story: Believe in yourself. It’s song with a strong message that should not be slept on. -7.5

13. Small Small – Another joint with a slight dancehall feel to it produced by Jesse Jags. But it’s not exactly a dancehall track. Ice prince hammers on the same point throughout the album; Thanking God for success. Knowing his story it’s hard to fault him for it. Sean Terro delivers a solid chorus and a bridge on this one. It’s a decent track. – 7.0

14. That N***a – Bars!! That’s what excites most rap fans these days. But without good control and delivery, the art of punchline articulation is incomplete. Ice prince proves that he has it on this track. The flow patterns are undeniably well controlled and the bars make sense, unlike many undirected punchline rappers these days. Morell did the same with his verse and he delivers a solid hook on the well-produced Jesse Jags beat. – 8.0

15. End Of Story – I suspect that this may be the next single off the album. Ice prince works with the 2011 NEA Producer of the year, Samklef, on this one. The song will definitely get you dancing. Very good production and it turned out to be a nice track. -8.5

16. Rain Drops – Jesse Jags delivers a beat somewhat similar to Big Seans “My Last”. Ice goes along with the theme of the album and uses this one to encourage everybody experiencing any kind of struggle in life. It’s a nice track with a good message but I feel the flow was kind of monotonous on this one. – 6.0

17. Thank You – The traditional Choc Boi Outro. The crew comes together to deliver another fresh joint. Ice prince starts off on a good note with a smooth flow and decent lyrical display. Brymo does what hes known for; delivers a solid hook. Jesse Jags shows that he’s more than just a good producer on this track. He killed the track lyrically and his flow is undeniably on point. MI then comes in with an attempt to use modulation skills in delivering his bars. I think he pulled it off successfully, even though it may not be the typical MI. ChopStix & MI on the beat complete this deal -7.5

Conclusion: The versatility Ice Prince shows not only in his lyrics but in his choice of beats tells us that Ice Prince is someone with a view of the bigger picture. Make good music, and the people will appreciate it.

The down side to the album is he might have hammered a little bit too much on haters and his struggles. To his defense though, he has gone through his fair share of stumbling blocks and struggles – might even say more than the average share.

In conclusion, everybody may not love Ice Prince but he shows that he loves everybody by packaging a solid debut album for the fans and the haters as well. Remember he shows love for the “Olofofos” lol. It’s not a “perfect” album but it’s definitely a good one. I would rate this album above average. For a rapper that so much was expected from, Ice Prince showed maturity on this album and he delivered.


We’ve done our review, now do your rating.


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Track Listen: End of Story ft. Samklef

[audio:|titles=06 end of story]


  1. I’ll rate d album 6.didnt live up to ma expectations.his flows were very shallow nd lackd delivery.his only plus is his swag.he was outrhymed in d Chocboy stint.completey murdered

  2. Ass Kiss Review right here. Dis whole album is nothing but a 6.5. Whoever wrote dis review either knows Ice Prince personally or jst wants to kiss ass. Sorry to say

  3. If according to you as u av broken it down, the album shud be a 8.0 and not 7.0, according to you, which means u are contradicting yourself. This is a 6 or 6.5 album

  4. As someone who knows Ice i would've written a similar review sha…lol, ratings were quite generous, but one thing is for sure, It's a solid debut album and Iceprince is not here to play. Bleeerrr (P.S i bought d digital ELI and one off the streets too) cos me Loves Ice plenty…hehehehe

  5. i no try for dis my album. me sef i rate myself slightly above average. 🙁 i promise to do betta n concentrate on my true rap fans. (hugs) #yesHomo

  6. Dis is over generous!…u seem bias in ur analysis…u rated dis album lyk it was equal 2 m.i’s talk about it. Dis is jus a vry average album,how can u feature wiz kid,2face n wizboy n nt have hits 2 almost equal oleku fame or even surpass it. I saw ur wiz kid album review….u def under rated dat album…

  7. it baffels me wen sum ppl talk! 4 God sake dis is ice prince we ar talkin abt… Its his 1st album n its rated 7.5, u shuld join in tankin God 4 him, encourage him n nt castigate him! Go chop bee iv u aint comfrtable wit his succes… ELI

  8. Its obvious to anyone who has listened to the album that this review is overly generous – the album was pretty watery. I'm all for encouraging efforts but then again, not at the expense of constructive feed-back. If it had been anyone else, I might have given a pass but for a label-mate of M.I and Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince better evolve or perish.

  9. i had no problem wit his verses but those choruses? He certainly could have done better. After listening to it the first time, i cld only remember olofofo and wassup wassup which were both features. He needs to work on dat. A 6.5 would b fair

  10. with this kinda review one is tempted to go cop d album lyk ryt now but i hope say no be job una dey job person sha coz alota people seem to differ wit regards to your rattings…always had a plan of getting da album anyway but from my observation considering public opinion…Ice you need to put in more!all da best sha!

  11. most of the guyz out here rating songs like ure tommy motolla, i guezz u shd try recording a full album and see if u can do better. bunch of mourhinos!


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