Album Review: DJ Klem – AfroFunkyDiscoSoul + Track Pick: Farabale ft. Yemi Alade & Efa


Ask anyone in the music industry and DJ Klem is a name that commands major respect among his peers. His work on production is top notch and so when it comes to his album, you can expect that you’ll be getting good music… very good music.

AfroFunkyDiscoSoul as the name suggests gathers together some of the best in musical genres with some of the  finest artists in Nigerian music while keeping the album ultimately diverse and fresh with each new track. It’s like DJ Klem throws a crazy party with all kinds of music genres for all these artists to play in, and they don’t leave the spot till the sun comes up.

If I had to rename this album, I’d call it AfroFunkyDiscoSoul-HipHop-Fuji. It has everything you want.

Let’s get into some analysis, shall we:

The Baron Ridiculous Intro – The album starts off in a somewhat playful manner with the intro that initially seems serious and deep but ends up on the playful side. It shows off some personality to DJ Klem.

Victorious ft. Phenom, Othello and Willy Bang – This track features some of the upcoming stars in the game. Nice tune and one that can ride out in the car speakers. The beat is sick and DJ Klem showed off some serious production muscle on this. The verses although pretty decent, didn’t do justice to hot beat.  – 6/10

Let The Music Play (Remix) ft. Wizkid, Zara, Myst – This is one of the bangers on the album and the combo of WizKid, Zara, Myst works incredibly well. A joint that features Wizkid and Zara is sure not to disappoint at all. 7/10

Right Hand ft. Sound Sultan, Willy Bang, Grace – I’ll be honest when I heard this for the first time I thought it was pretty weak, but on subsequent listens it does grow on you. The chorus for the most part makes the song pretty catchy after a while. Grace impress me on this. 6.5/10

Farabale ft. Yemi Alade, Efa – Every song named Farabale seems to be hot these days. Yemi Alade impressed majorly on this, and Efa did his thing as always. Ultimately DJ Klem did a great job getting this piece of work together. The beat, the chorus, and the verses are all on point. Loved it on first listen, and haven’t stopped loving it since then. 8/10

Journey Into Sound ft. Sauce Kid, Phenom – Taking a slight break from disco-pop feel of the album, DJ Klem takes it hip-hop and brings along Sauce Kid, and Phenom. Track is decent enough but it’s not one I’d be searching for on the album. 6/10

Na You ft. Teeklef, Othello – Na You gets into a mellow mode in the album. If you’re not really in the mood for slow music it might be a bit of a downer, and it’s not catchy enough to be remembered unless you love it initially. Regardless it’s pretty decent. Teeklef got something going on for real. 5/10

Sumo mi ft. Mo’Cheddah, Tragmatic – Another hot and catchy tune from this album. It’s hard to go wrong with Mo’Cheddah on the track. Very radio and replay friendly, and I’m sure it’s already making its rounds on the radio already. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood with this playing around you. 7/10

Still Need You ft. Godwon, Fivemics, Sammy – Another decent but not particularly great track. Good album filler but not one I’ll remembering from the album. It’ll get the hip-hop heads nodding though, and the beat reminds you of the classic 90s hip-hop. 5/10

ABC ft. Willy Bang, Dammy Krane – You have to just love what we can consider the future of Naija music on this track. Dammy Krane and Willy Bang compliment each other so well on this, it’s tempting to want to see them do more together *hint hint*. Hot track 7.5/10

Disco Boogie (Eniyan Gidi) ft. Myst – This track puts the Disco in AfroFunkyDiscoSoul. Myst’s voice takes you back to classic 70s disco and this is one of the reasons why this album is probably one of the more diverse sounding albums in the past 5 years in Nigeria. Yea I can put money on that. Good music transcends all generations and DJ Klem proves that in Disco Boogie. 7.5/10.

Footprints ft. Teeto Ceemos, Iye – Teeto is the real deal. If you don’t know, now you know. Credit goes to Klem for the lovable beat, and to Iye for her marvelous vocals. However Teeto Ceeemos made this song what it is. This might be the most complete track on the album. Pure art in story-telling from Teeto. 8/10

Showtime ft. Kel, Zee, Ayeesha, Funbi – This is not particularly a wowing track, even though it has a good squad of hot artists on it. Kel, Zee and Ayeesha drops decent bars on the good beat. Overall not a bad effort. 6/10

Overall, DJ Klem’s album is grossly underrated and should be hyped as one of the better albums in the past year. The beauty of an album sometimes is in its ability to showcase diverse sounds which DJ Klem has been able to do with a range of artists from all genres. If you’re into music that fits a range of moods, this is an album for you. Even though this album is free and available online for download, I could pay up to N500 for it. (Regular album price in the market is N150)

As with all experiments, there are bound to be some misses as with thise project, but overall it’s a recommended album. If you don’t have it, you should go get it here. Heck, it’s free.

Big thumbs up to DJ Klem on this.

Overall Grade:  7/10.

Track Pick *** Farabale ft. Yemi Alade, Efa




  1. Finally Finally, has some good album reviews. Criticism does work sometimes 🙂 I love DJ Klem's album… 8/10 is more appropriate.

  2. hmm, you seem to give favourable reviews to the "soul type songs" and if 10/10 if off limits, give some songs 8.5 or 9 na. i'll give right hand an 8.5 and i agree with timewatcher, 8/10 is more appropriate. good review anyways.


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