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Darey dropped his new album, cleverly called Double Dare as it was a double disc album with two parts. One named Heart and the other, Beat. Heart consisted of the slow jams and romantic ballads while Beat had the up-tempo, party jams and had most of the singles that had been released.

Now I should tell you that I have heard every song of Darey’s starting from his first single “Not the girl” and I just never quite warmed up to him. Personally, I thought “Not the girl” was a fantastic song but didn’t suit Darey’s classical tone. As I heard more songs, I realized that I could not define a “Darey sound”. He sounded different in every song as if he was trying to find his sound. Why am I telling you this? Because I was looking forward to listening to this album and hoping it would change my mind about Darey. I really really wanted to like this album but sadly for me I have to say it fell short.

I will start with Beat, because that was what I heard first. Beat started out on a promising note seeing as the first single was “The way you are” which I absolutely adore and is my favorite song on the album. As the album progressed, I felt a bit of confusion because even though the songs were decent enough, it all still sounded a bit all over the place. Basically there was no cohesiveness to “Beat”.

“Pillow”’s beat, if you listen carefully had a familiar of Barbadian singer Shontelle’s “Impossible”. “Back to Sender” I thought was not a good fit for Timaya. Part of producing an album is knowing what song fits an artist and I just didn’t think the combination of the song style, Timaya and Darey was a good fit. I will admit that I liked “Belly” but by the last track which was “Style by Style” remix, it was the perfect song to describe how I felt about Beat. See the song starts out okay but by the time it gets to featured artist Jesse Jagz’s part, it sounded like a completely different song and was once again, all over the place.

On to Heart; I thought this was a better attempt at cohesiveness than Beat. I still thought the songs were just okay but at least, the songs still sounded like they were meant to be together. “Sisi Eko” had this laid back, old school vibe to it. The vocal arrangement for his version of the classic “Sweet Mother” did not work for me and its always disappointing when a remake doesn’t do a classic justice. “Stroke me” for some reason has always given me the creeps lol . “Never say never” had VERY faint hints of Aaliyah’s “Rock the boat”. Overall, the songs on Heart were sweet.

So, Double Dare as a whole didn’t change my mind about Darey. I really actually see his vision and they are good ones, it just never pans out the way it is and to me it’s because he hasn’t found that place where he wants to be musically. I think there is a difference between being diverse and having your own sound. When I hear “Ba Ni Ki Di” then “The way you are” and then “Stroke me”, I don’t have a sense of his sound. I think sticking to more songs like the ones on Beat will be a good look for him. I don’t think the album was terrible, but it was forgettable. It’s like “filler music” where at the moment you enjoy it but you get tired of it quickly and it’s just not the type of album that you’re like “man, I have to listen to this again”. I hope I wasn’t too harsh, but this was just an honest assessment of what I thought of his album, so feel free to mention what you thought.

Overall Grade: 6/10

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this column “Album Review” does not express the views of but rather the views of the particular individual writing the article. Thanks.



  1. hmmm.fair enough..its a review,its ur assesment.your critique..well,i guess i’l go get the album.the way your are is the only new song av heard from the album and it works for me.the remiw with american rapper camillonair was amazing.. 9ice review though.

  2. You were actually nice cos I went out and bought this cd, and in my honest opinion it's a 4. Like you said it's all over the place.

  3. Maybe you should stick to your blogging and stop trying to be a music critic. I have listened to the album and i think its fantastic.So do many people.

  4. this is obviously not the place to go to for sensible album reviews….pls stick to what you do best….oh what's that again sef?

  5. Would it have been better to keep your personal opinion to yourself? Yes,absolutely yes. Part of been an entertainment reporter is to do justice to news as you see them and stay as neutral as possible but by trying to damage another person’s work because you want to try out being a critic is low and not a well thought out plan..stop been ‘all over the place’ and concentrate on reporting,leave music to the people who actually buy,listen and enjoy what they hear.

  6. I really do not know if you were paid to do this but trust me you know nothing about music… i love all your stories but this does not identify you at all…. i feel like you are just looking for hit on your site. this is one of the BEST album right now in 9ja & its selling really fast like GALA!

  7. I think some of u guys are too harsh on the writer. I have the album, and I really don’t think it’s anything great. Some few nice songs here and there but I couldn’t listen from top to bottom even once.
    6/10 is fair. Maybe even 5 sef. Plus I think it’s a poor excuse to have 2 discs. Some single disc album have 20 tracks in it and this is split into 2.

    • Na! i thought you were human, like your name, you are a real monkey with alot interest on banana… go eat banana and maybe bring some for area boy “jaguda” this guy no sabi a thing him name real maga which kind write-up be this… thunder wonde una two

  8. What makes you feel like u can give a reasonable review to any musicians album? What makes you think you can be a critic to anyone’s artistic work? Because you own an entertainment blog,you suddenly feel like a celeb? God help us in this Country..smh!

  9. Guy! You don fuck up with this your post I grief for you well well…. Darey’s DoubleDare Album is D biggest export after 2baba & Psquare! This album no get fault @all in my warri accent.

  10. Since when JAGUDA start to listen to love songs, when people like Pasuma wonder, Ayuba, Kwam1, TerryG, daddy showkey & the likes of baba fryo can make your music world in a thousand way! Darey’s cool, the album if calm, the concept is collected in on piece that makes it a 10/10 like NaetoC and he’s the most humbled celeb online in 9ja bros fear God stop all this nonsense!!

  11. Can you imagine BaD belle! You are jez everywhere I wish say I be hacker I swear I for don block this your site! Kmt joor go shit for your hand take am play u be small writer who dash you critic yimu joor uncle Darey don Gap you go queue!

  12. Shew! e be like say dis guy get beef wif darey o! bcos nuffin do dat album. jaguda, darey na 9ice guy i sure say if u beg am e go 4give u. take heart! one of dese days e go follow u 4 twitter. jus dey beliv God. #jonzinreview

  13. This dude! I for like see u one on one make we first talk about your taste in music then we go sit down over what you are quailified to write about,of course review is not one of them. You did a poor job dude…hope say u go try stay an unbiased writer for anyone u hope to do again…or please dont do review again,copy music from the notjustoks of this world and post on ur site,that should work for you.

  14. erm..can people please read the top of the post for once! it tells you who the writer is, and it is not "JAGUDA" it is TAYNEMENT. And he was just stating his personal opinion, if u no like am fine no need to insult the guy, geez!!

  15. Vee wetin you dey geez for? Oyibo, u no d meaning of jizz? how una take write this kind nonsense for album wey dey scatter everybodi head. wu tell u say crase man get personal opinion. flush dis tin abeg

  16. The only proper way of rating an album is by using the itunes method where everyoone rates the album or song on a scale of 1 to 5 and an average is taken, no one really cares about your personal opinion. If it's personal then keep it in ur mind, if u can't help it, write it down and read it to urself, this is a website not a diary

  17. I totally disagree wit dis dude’s review but fellows, its HIS review. If d thing pain u 2much, open a blog and erite yours.

  18. I guess its better you keep your opinion to yourself cuz i couldn’t figured out a wack song on the whole album and mind you Double D Album is one of the best Album from Nigerian sofar.. I can sense a lil bit of hatred in ur opinion…… SMH.. Darey keep up the good work bro.. Here’s my official rating 9/10. Forget bout the haters…


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