Album Review: Christine Ben-Ameh – Life Under Construction


Christine’s anticipated album “Life Under Construction” was finally released on the last day of 2010 and the album is solid if I can say so myself. Although I personally feel it didn’t get the massive publicity it probably deserves, I do think it will creep into our systems eventually.

The album unlike most RnB albums out of Nigeria has a very deep neo-soul vibe to it. Almost reminds me of the classic album, “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” In many ways, Christine uses this album to give a vocal depiction of what “Life Under Construction” is about… A story of Love, Life, Pain, Joy, Happiness and Sadness. A story of the average person’s struggles in all aspects of life. “Life Under Construction” is truly about Life… Under Construction, and in progress.

There is no denying the vocal capabilities of Christine, and she definitely showcases the strength in her voice box with deep smooth tunes like “Soul Survivor” (my personal favorite), “May This Be Love”, and “Never Loved Me.” These tracks touch deep in the soul, and almost reminds you of all time great Roberta Flack with the way you feel the emotions from her voice.

Christine however doesn’t go all the way soul on us, as there are tunes with nice hip-hop vibes that get us nodding our heads and at the very least keep us nice in the groove. She teams up with hip-hop up and comer Skales in “Mary Jane”, and fellow J-Town ambassador Kalhli Abdu on “Pulling Me Down,” one of the first singles off the album. She also teams up with King David, and producer E-Kelly for a couple of joints that add spice to the album.

All in all, Life Under Construction is a solid effort from the Nokia First Chance Winner. Although the productions on a few joints could’ve been done a little better and there one or two songs that didn’t need to make the album, it’s still a very solid effort from Christine, and more especially for a debut album.

It’s in my collection of albums for 2011, and it should be in yours too.

Grade: 7.3/10

Track Listen: Soul Survivor



  1. i think Christine's an incredible singer. "deep" was my favorite until i heard may this be love. Really soul reaching artist,she's on my palate for sure.

  2. She's got a powerful voice.dosnt sound nigerian at all.luk out for her cos Beyonce is in trouble. my favourite is ungraceful


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