Album Review: Chocolate City – #TICBN The Indestructable Choc Boi Nation

chocolate city ticbn album review

Call this the biggest merger in Nigerian music and I won’t disagree with you. When the announcement was made by Chocolate city that Loopy music was going to be officially merged with it, to form one mega record label of some sorts, some eyebrows were raised. Issues of promotions, artist management, and the proper exploitation of the talents of all the incredibly talented artists on their roster to their full potential was raised, but when I heard this album for the first time, all doubts and concerns were put to bed, and I have no doubt that this venture will go on to become one of the most successful ventures in African music.

The Indestructible Choc Boi Nation or TICBN album has to be one of the best label introductory albums ever in Nigeria. We can recall the Mavins with Solar Plexus years ago, which didn’t quite live up to expectations, and many other countless attempts by record labels newly formed to introduce themselves by means of an album, but none has been highly as successful or good as this album.

This album verifies the seamlessness of the merger between both labels, but this is largely due to the fact that artists from both labels were pretty familiar with each other before the merger, making it a project that everybody knew everybody before it started. But notwithstanding, one of the outstanding qualities of this album is that each artist brings something new to the table, giving us an album of 13 different artists, with 15 songs, backed up with amazing and world class production, and incredible finishing. I am throwing the word incredible around a lot right? Don’t blame me, that’s just one of the superlatives worthy enough to qualify this album.

With all due respect to other record labels including my own, Choc Boi Nation is the imprint with some of the best talent around, and this album proves that fact, and every time I listen to this album, all I hear is futuristic music. MI has stepped into the future, and has seen the future of Nigerian music, and is modeling his artists in that light, preparing the likes of Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz, Loose Kaynon and Nosa to be kings in their own domains, grooming Victoria Kimani, Ruby and Pryse to be the divas of their sphere, and mentoring Milli, Moti Cakes, Koker, Dice Ailes, DJ Caise and DJ Lambo to be the kids disturbing the block.

The album, mainly a collaborative project, also has 3 singles from Koker, Nosa and Pryse, with Pryse being the limpest of the trio on Ricochet, but I believe Pryse still has a lot to offer, and her recent appearance on Boogey’s mixtape proves my point to a great extent. Do Something by Koker is already buzzing everywhere, and anybody that listens to that song instantly falls in love with the song, because of the somewhat nostalgic feeling the song invokes. Nosa on the other hand delivers a heartfelt love song, and his vocals, always so pure is felt to the fullest extent on Love Is Calling, and the Nokia trademark ringtone piano background on the hook of the song is just perfect, and no doubt, this is one of the standout songs of the album for me.

On 3rd Mainland Bridge, Moti Cakes whips up something fresh on the hook, and although most of my friends I have played the album to compare him with Yung Thug, I don’t see the similarities at all. With MI bossing as usual on his verses, MI seems to have created a level of chemistry with Moti Cakes, and maybe we will be seeing more collaboration from MI and Cakes than from any choc boi nation artists with MI.

One of the biggest stories of the Merger has to be Jesse Jags return to Choc City, and on Suite 99, Restoration (on which he bares his mind on everything about everything) and No More, Jagz proves that he was always the missing piece of the puzzle for Choc City when he was away. Ice prince and Loose Kaynon impress as well on their appearances on the album with Bass, Summer time, Suite 99 and Go Hard and Summer time respectively.

The “Divas” Ruby, Victoria Kimani and Pryse appear on the album, and impress in that order, with Pryse being the least impressive of the trio, and with all due fairness, Pryse has to step up her game. Hearing Ruby again on Loose Soul and No More makes me dream of the day she will release another EP or LP, and I simply can’t wait for that day. In fact, I can’t wait to listen to individual projects from all of the artists on this album.

The New Kids on the block are really disturbing the peace, and Milli is at the forefront of it, and the hook on “Go Hard” is whaaaaat!! On his appearance on Heartfelt and Drank, Milli affirms his place as one of the crown princes of Nigerian music. Dice Ailes sways on “Oh No No” and this is among one of my favorites on this album.

The production on the album is incredibly world class, and the ensemble of producers for this project is one of the factors that gives this album it’s true completeness. Reinhard, Jesse Jagz, Reinhard, L37, TMXO, Tunday, Teck-Zilla, Nosa, DJ Caise and CKay all add their inputs to the project, making the album complete, with banging instrumentals and quality sound production.

It’s no news that Chocolate City is building a major music label, and this album, as I earlier tweeted, is a strong statement to the general public, and the industry that Choc Boi Nation is about to take over, and I cannot wait to see each of these artists reach their true potential, and if MI can truly maximize each of these acts to that level, the sky is truly the starting point for THE INDESTRUCTIBLE CHOC BOI NATION.




  1. This is one of the best reviews i have ever read, by a Nigerian critique. I feel in love with the album after reading this.

  2. I heard the album was good but only listening through the star music app is a bummer. they dropped the ball there

  3. I will be the 14th person in the group CBN, but all things been equal. this album is dope with all these guyz on it, especially with my J-Town crews MI, JESSY JAGZ, ICE PRINCE men u guyz are the dopest, thumps up!keep it up!! see u all pretty soon!!!


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