Album Review: Bracket – Cupid Stories


Bracket released their album Cupid Stories with mixed reviews from fans following the 2 singles that were released prior to the album. The first single Muah Muah received mixed reviews from fans and seemed to put the duo in a weird spot but the follow up single Me & You won back a lot of fans that might have questioned what Bracket was doing.

The album Cupid Stories is a solid effort from the duo, and has it’s fair share of solid tracks.

Here is a detailed review

Looking At You – A pretty decent way to start the album. It’s not a song that will blow anyone away, but  it’s classic Bracket. They stuck with their highlife winning formula on this. We can’t fault them for it, but I must admit it gets pretty boring after a few listens – 5/10

Stagger ft. MI – Swagga Like Me, Stagger Like This. Very familiar sounds, but this right here hit the spot. It’s always a good look to join forces with MI, and he brings a much needed retro vibe to the tune. Phyno did great on the beats. 7/10

Me & You – This is the second official single from their album. It became a fan favorite, and a regular at most clubs and hangout spots in Nigeria. I personally liked it when it came out even though I’ve grown somewhat used to it. 7/10

Girl ft. WizKid – This is one of the more refreshing sounds on the album. Who would’ve thought a WizKid & Bracket would work out this well. It’s pretty impressive how both camps come in and make a lovable tune. 7.5/10

Tell Me Something – In all honesty, I wasn’t so moved by this tune. Maybe because it sounded too familiar. Almost like something I have heard from them already. The message of the song makes it a good listen, but overall the originality wasn’t there for me. Dekumzy on the beats, but still… 5/10

Champion ft. Banky W – This is another song that caught my eye initially, but unfortunately kinda fell hand. Once again it sounded all too familiar and didn’t jump out at me as a song I’d be looking for on the album. The talented voices come through and make it a good listen, but overall, not wowing. 5/10

Bro Wale – The beat opens your eye, and makes you pay attention. Dekumzy delivers majorly on this, and Bracket remind us why we’ve loved their music for the past 4+ years. I expect this to be a regular wedding spin, and one that everyone from age 8 to 88 will enjoy. 7.5/10

Beautiful Baby ft. Flavour – Do I really need to explain why this tune is hot. From Bracket to Flavour, it’s hard to miss the boat when these folks touch the mic. Blessed with beat from Dekumzy, the song is all kinds of naturally african sexy. One of my favorites from the album. 8/10

Iheoma – Another name song. You would think we’d get tired of such songs, but this one actually makes the cut of the nice ones. Iheoma is not particularly wowing per say, but it’s not one that’ll see the skip button much. Good listen. 6.5/10

Muah Muah – I’m not exactly sure why this song took such a lashing from fans, but I particularly think it’s a hot song. One to get the party started, and catchy enough to stay one everyone’s minds for months. 7/10

Time – More important than any instrument or beat from this song is the message behind the song. I like the fact that Bracket as a duo open up and send a message to all those hustling for years looking for their big break. Everyone has had their fair share of struggles even though it might look like some folks blew up over night. It’s rarely the case. 7/10.

Desire – In all honesty this song could easily have been cut from the album. It’s easy to listen through the song and not get moved much by it. 4/10

Remember ft. 2face – Even though we know this song is old and not really an album cut, it’s hard not to love this song all over again. One of the biggest tunes from the past 2 years Bracket & 2face make us want to see more work from them. You have no choice but to love this. This might be where the title “cupid stories” came from. 9/10

My God – A good way to end a project to take us to church. Bracket do just that with this, and give thanks to the almighty for all they have accomplished and blessed with. It’s the only right way to close out the album. Pretty good tune. 6.5/10

Overall it’s a pretty decent effort from one of Nigeria’s currently most recognized groups. Is it an album we recommend buying? Absolutely. It’s one of those cds that you can pop into your cd player on a friday night and get yourself gingered for a good night out.

What I didn’t particularly like about the album is that a good number of songs sounded familiar and in some cases sounded like songs on the same album. I would’ve liked  some expirimentation with different sounds to take the album a bit out of the new generation highlife category. On some instances some songs do get a bit boring.

All in all it’s hard to argue with success, and the 15 million Naira Bracket bagged for this album from marketers speaks volumes as to what the mass public likes. The album is tailored to please the mass public and does just that with just enough hits to keep them in rotation for the next year or 2.


We’ve done our review, now do your rating.


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  1. yeah i will agree with u on the rating of the album, cos i think Bracket can do better than this, all the same i wish them well in future

  2. 6.5 is about right. It has its hot jams but some songs just have you thinking WTF is up with these guys. I still love them though

  3. I think these guys r lyrical idiots.they offer nothing in terms of lyrical delivery.i wsh bracket would b flogged out of d musical industry.even konga is more lyrically sound dan these i blame us,coz if we dnt buy d thrash dey feed us,they’ll b forced 2do beta

    • Who the fuck are you to come on here and call Bracket Lyrical Idiots. did they say they were in music for lyricism. They make music the people like which happens to be simple. You sound like one of those "I am hip-hop" idiots.

  4. @tombo mayb you should find out the real meaning of hater.people cant always like the same things.if you are a true fan,try and give ur honest opinion so that they can do better and stop kissing ass.The album is just average…..muah muah is such a silly song.

  5. I think the album iz gud all in all and i particularly single out girl ft wizkid i so much luv dat track..9ice album kp dat up.


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