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First of all I’d like to say that Asa is not your everyday Naija artist. I don’t need to explain the uniqueness of her style or the depth of her lyrics. So I won’t. I can tell you however that ‘Beautiful Imperfection’ did not fall hand at all.

First thing I noticed about this album is the absence of any features; she went all out on her own here. I guess she wanted the album to be strictly Asa. I’ve (personally) got no problem with that. Her 2007 self-titled album was a hit, both in Nigeria and on the international scene and she did not feature anyone on it too. But if at all there were to be at least one featured artist I would have loved it to be someone like Nneka. I think they would make good music. I am also anxiously awaiting the videos that would come out of this album. She did a great job with the video for ‘Be my Man’ (click here to watch) so expect nothing short of impressive.

Some tracks to look out for: Why can’t we, Be my man, Baby gone (personal favorite), Preacher Man, Bimpè

Review: From the lyrics of a few of the songs, it seems like Asa focused a lot on herself and relationship issues. I would also point out that you don’t expect an avid Terry G-ish rocker-die-hard-crazy-head to really feel this album. Not necessarily the album you listen to on your way to the club, but definitely the one you slip into after a hard day at school/work and you just want some rest and relaxation. Although she did a great job, I believe making music with other artists shows versatility. That would have been a general plus.

Grade: 7.5/10

Enjoy this bonus track from her album, Bamidele



  1. I like Asa. Love this bonus track you have on here. I think 7.5 is a bit harsh sha. I would've given an 8 or so. Nice review tho.

  2. Hey, I just went thru the album myself. Its pure classic stuff. I'm nearly tempted to gv it a 9.0 but I'll stay on 8.5 . True, she coulda done with some collabos but making this classic on her own speaks well for her strength as a great artiste in her own rights. My favs on the album are Broda Ole, Baby Gone, Dreamer Girl, and Bimpe.

  3. I get very inspired when I listen to Asa's songs. Atimes my eyes becomes wet with tears, thats to show how moving and original her songs are. Beautiful imperfection is just another hit from this wonderful Nigerian lady, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ASA!!!

  4. I Just heard the album and I must confess, I LUV IT. Her songz are so inspirational with gud lyrics. my best trackz are Be my man, preacher man, baby gone and dreamer girl.

  5. It is really a Beautifully Imperfect album. Pls can i get access 2 her lyrics.(asa's lyrics cud b sometimes misleading with d way she mixes yoruba n english with word stress)

  6. Asa is an epitome traditional promotion,she recognise d beautiful aspect culture .lyrically she is tight,i hope one day i meet her personally as an upcomin artist


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