Mr. P – My Way


One half of the defunct band, Psquare, Mr. P (Peter Okoye) comes through with a brand news banger titled “My Way”.

Check on it below and enjoy.



  1. Comment: I know d both of u r trying but u gat to know dat 2 heads are far better Dan 1 plz. u guys ve to kip DAT in called pride nd focus on ur career dere r pple dere celebrating ur brakeup plz put dem to shame plz.

    • P. Square is no more. Stop dragging them backwards. They’ve moved on and so should you. Must they sing together because they are twins????

    • Guy u are just a broke ass dupe, and it’s actually affecting ur social life. Most times keep quiet if u are short of words.

  2. my name is favour from okpai delta state, I really love ur music so much must especially ur dancing skills. but its better if d both of u are 2geda pls I beg u

  3. i cant stop playing this music why…


  4. Comment:sweet song same as his brother’s somebody baby
    but I stinks that u ve seperated
    it doesn’t make sense

  5. Comment:I’ve heard most which are very nice but this one……………………………………………………………….. its just perfect.
    keep it up MR. P

  6. Mr P is my favourite and will always be, i wish to sing with u sir cos ma dream won’t complete without featuring u, u’re bulk of talent and ur kinda life style is one of a kind, keep it up sir, D’PARAMOUNT is ma name u can download ma song and listen also
    D’Paramount feat DH Barawo

  7. Am Eddy Mathew from QP jos plateau you guys are my first and almost the last Artis right from my childhood I always play ur music repeatedly til sleep ,but d way you guyz go about Yur self is not dbest let you gzs go back to the drawing board were pic up from let know come into your life and destroyed all what you planted long ago plz, only dz your parent were ever the are will not get along with you plz. All of you are doing perfectly well in music but like salt and Magi if you put them together it make a sound suap and if you seprent them, you know what it will give. So plz and plz you gzs should look in to our eyes too and see what fill as a you Don make me wast my data for downloading in two different place. Plz I love gzsss tzs.

  8. hello,my name is Dj cliffordo.please bros peter and bros paul we need you together i came into music because of u mum pour me hot water just because i left my home work i went to city room watching roll it by you guys .so plz we need you together now..i love p.square.

  9. Dope,u guys are doing so well,;but we the genuie fans here wish u could go back as psquare I miss ur collaboration tracks,,bizzy body,,get square and others,
    Am simeon from Delta /agbor,,I really miss ur music’s as SQUARE

  10. Comment: sir Mr p my God will increase you in every side,you will reach to no limit, grace is your portion remain rency iliya by name

  11. The both of them are doing excellently well in their deferent ways so they should keep it on they can only ft them self on their music that is all


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