AbOriginal Music presents: Barzini – “Monster”



Barzini isn’t resting on his laurels: fresh off the success of Seeing Things—which went viral upon its release online, and is already getting significant radio and club rotation across the nation—the AbOriginal Music artiste returns with a new song, “Monster”, that again showcases the artiste’s impressively diverse skills set.

A song about the devastating impact of heartbreak caused by a love lost, “Monster” finds Barzini telling a former lover about the pain and hurt caused by her rejection, and the heartless and uncaring “Monster” he was forced to become in order to survive the self-doubt and agony he suffered after losing her love.

A 180-degree turn from the happy-go-luck vibe of “Seeing Things” Monster—delivered over the instrumental to Twista’s “Make A Movie”—features Barzini’s excellent storytelling skills and effortless flow as he delivers convincing depictions of the perspectives of both Barzini and his ex lover—who tries to explain herself in response to his accusation—without losing the listener’s interest. All we can say is “Thank God this song wasn’t released on Valentine’s Day”…

“Monster” is part of the countdown to Barzini’s upcoming “MPD” due in May. As part of the countdown to “MPD”, another song is scheduled for release in the next few weeks, as well as a video for another song from the project.

Barzini – an abOriginal production.

[audio:http://www.jaguda.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/barzini-monster.mp3|titles=barzini- monster]



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