8 Things We’re Looking Forward To Hearing In Wande Coal’s Wanted Album


Wande Coal announced last week that he’s finally ready to drop his 2nd studio album, Wanted. This will be his first album in 6 years, and also his first album since he parted ways with his former boss, Don Jazzy, who he credited (on more than 1 occasion) with bringing him into the limelight.

We check out 8 things we’re looking forward to seeing/hearing on Wande Coal’s Wanted album that drops on October 26th, 2015. That’s about 5 days from now.

1. What Has Changed In 6 Years?

I don’t think it’s news that Wande Coal hasn’t released an album in 6 years, and in that period a lot has changed. It’ll be really interesting to hear how much his sound has changed (if any) since he gave us that classic album, Mushin to Mohits.


2. Wande After Don Jazzy

You can’t talk about Mushin To Mohits being a classic without giving Don Jazzy a big shout for producing the album. 6 years later, Wande Coal and Don Jazzy have parted ways, and Wande Coal is his own boss. You can be assured that there’ll be no Don Jazzy beats on his album so we can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

Just like Skales that completely redefined himself, and released a good album, we’re expecting the same from Wande, albeit the bar he set is much higher.


3. Productions From Maleek Berry

Word on the street is that we might be getting a lot of songs produced by Maleek Berry on this album, and that’ll definitely make for an interesting listen. Maleek Berry is one of the hot producers out these days, but can his beats carry it for majority of an album. That’s what we’re looking forward to hearing.

If Baby Hello is anything to go by, then we just might be in for a treat.


4. Features and Collaboration

Mushin To Mohits had 14 tracks (2 bonus tracks aside), and 6 songs featuring a total of 5 artists. That means Wande Coal carried most of his album by himself with no fear of really showcasing his talents.  In 2015 we’ve gotten some albums that have had over 12 features which can be a bit of an overkill.

Wande’s album will have its share of features we’re guessing, but how many will there be? Who will be in there? Will there be an upcoming artist that will make a name for himself/herself?


5. WizKid Feature?

Remember when Wande Coal and WizKid promised they’ll be putting out an album together? Well it’s not looking likely these days, but maybe we can get to see a collabo with both of them on this album. The last time they linked up, For Me (on WizKid’s debut album) it was pretty special.

Plus seeing that Maleek Berry is under WizKid’s Star Boy Entertainment, and is working a lot with Wande Coal, we can have our hopes up right?


6. Potential Love Ballads

Mushin To Mohits brought us the classic in Ololufe that was a steady wedding songs for years. Will be get another one in his new album? You could make a case for Plan B (if it makes it to the album), but surely we’re all looking for a love ballad to sweep us off our feet.


7. A Break Out Star

Earlier we talked about features and who could potentially be featured on the album. Now that Wande Coal is floating his own label, Black Diamond, you’d possibly expect that we’ll see an upcoming artist or 2 featured? Maybe? Could this artist break out from this album? The same way WizKid did from Talk About It, or Praiz from MI2?


8. More Mature Lyrics

6 years on, and Wande Coal is 6 years older. That means we’d be looking forward to hearing more mature lyrics, and music from Wande Coal. Not saying he wasn’t mature previously, but you’d expect 6 years will show more of that.

As much as we love the songs about money, girls with big nyashes, and haters, maybe a song or 2 about real issues wont hurt.


  1. 5 star analysis. if I were wande n I get 2 read ds, I d postpone d album release n ensure d album meets everyone of d expectations listed b4 releasing it


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