7 Best Nigerian Diss Songs Ever


With Drake vs Meek Mill taking over the internet, and Drake’s 2 diss tracks (Charged Up & Back 2 Back) being the talk of Hip-Hop. It’s a good time to sit back and think of diss songs of the past, and what diss songs we’ve gotten in Nigeria.

Here we’ve put together the top Nigerian diss songs ever, and we’re going based on content, direct hits, and impact overall in Nigerian music. These are not all hip-hop songs, but diss songs in general, and no it’s not ranked in any particular order.

Sinzu – Exit Strategy (vs Godwon)


The beef between Godwon and Sinzu was kinda petty for the most part with both of them going at it over what seemed like petty stuff. However one thing you never really want to do is test Sinzu in Hip-Hop. Sinzu unleashed some pure fire on Godwon, and quite honestly it might have spelled the end of Godwon and hip-hop music in Nigeria.

Your mixtape no dey sell
That shit just sit on a shelf
You selfish
I know you recorded it for yourself
You tried to get couple of features nobody wanted to help
And now it’s like you just against yourself and the rest
It’s like you in a game but you playing against the ref

I mean damn Sinzu! You aint have to body dude like that.


Malam Spicey – 1005 Naira

I’m sure when you look back at Terry G’s career, you’ll pin point one big mistake he made; That was testing Mallam Spicey with the line “me I no be Mallam Spicey, Me I no dey stop for the fourth bar over”.

What Mallam Spicey unleashed on Terry G was one of the hottest, and most direct diss tracks ever in Nigeria. 1005 Naira (Free Cure) was recorded on Terry G’s popular track, Free Madness beat, and completely went all out on Terry G. Complete with a video mocking Terry G LOL.

Your 1 bling, your 2 bling, your 3 bling, your 4 bling, your 5 bling, your 6 bling… All of them together na 6k“… “Say na you dey ginger the ginger, say na you dey swagger the swagger, Ole boy I no dey feel your swagger, your petty swagger too local

Too bad we didn’t get to hear much from Mallam Spicey after this.


Ruggedman – Ehen (vs Eedris, Remedies, Maintain)


Ruggedman burst into the scene with no kind of a fear of face at all for anyone, and it showed in his epic diss track, Ehen. He came out swinging for the big names in the industry at the time. The likes of Eedris Abdulkareem, Maintain and Rasqui all took hits from what Ruggedy Baba was serving. That really put him on a whole new level in Nigerian hip-hop at the time, and gained a large following.

“No be secret say remedies dey need remedy, I hear their rap, I laugh, to me nah like comedy/ Eedris and my 5 year old nephew rap the same way, like say dem born dem on the same day/ Wetin him dey talk I no hear, but I fear, when him “migity” and people start to cheer

In today’s world, the song might not seem like a big deal, but at the time that it was released, and the age of hip-hop in Nigeria, it was a really big deal. Rugged still does music till date, albeit not on the same level.



Modenine – Death Blow (vs Ruggedman)

As Ruggedman was dissing a lot of folks then, someone forgot to tell him not to try ModeNine, and then he did. What King Modo replied with is arguably the best hip-hop diss song in Nigerian history. I mean thinking about it in a boxing context, it’s like landing blow after blow to your opponent but saving the knock out punch so he suffers more before he’s knocked out.

It was really the first time anyone had really gone in and still kept it lyrically tight 100%. Kermit the frog vs Leonidas!

You rap for mechanics I rap and you panic leave you manic depressed damn it, im too NICE,I expose you, now your covers compromised, shame on you, now pull your head warmer over your eyes,Take it off , eh hen !! Modenine is with the prize,
Im bigger than you lyrically forget about size , heard your third albums gonna be your last bye bye,” …

Ama RHYMZO that ass you’re a boomboclot!!!!!!!!!Head warmer in the sun , whut are you,
don’t let me 50 Jah you( 5o cent , jah rule)End your already ending career and discard you,Let me help you out you got a little money ,, MAINTAIN got more money than you aint that funny,[b]No , the funny thing is you’re a dancer now , trying to compete with KAFFY and SUZIE howww,Mr Penguin Happy feet just got served ,banging didn’t bang

This might be why since then, there really hasn’t been anyone of significance that has really tested Modenine. You really don’t want none of that for real.


9ice ft. Seriki- Talk I Am Listening (vs Ruggedman)


Ruggedman has been the target of quite a few diss tracks, and you can say for good reason really. LOL. In 2010 there was drama between Ruggedman, 9ice, and Toni Payne (9ice’s wife at the time), and it led to a leaked conversation, plenty of accusations back and forth, and plenty diss tracks.

But out of all the diss songs released, this one took the cake. 9ice really flipped the script on this, and completely went in on Ruggedman (his one time mentor) with the help of Seriki. In some ways, it introduced Seriki to the Nigerian hip-hop scene.



Kelly Hansome – Igwe Kom Kom (vs Mo-Hits and Terry G)

Kelly Hansome was a confirmed trouble maker, and hit maker back in 2009-10. Picking beef with any and everyone once upon a time. He’s dissed Kennis Music, MI, Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz, but really none of those diss tracks hold water to this classic here, Igwe Kom Kom that he recorded to diss Don Jazzy, Dbanj, Wande Coal (Mo-Hits at the time) and Terry G.

Yes me, I be arsenal and you be Man U. No wonder you look like a malu“… That was a direct reply to Wande Coal’s Who Born The Maga, and the rest of Igwe Kom Kom went down in history as one of the funniest jabs at a whole record label in Nigerian history. Thrown in the hilarious makeshift animation video, and we have something that will always be remembered for years to come.

Too bad though, it seems like Kelly Hansome made one too many enemies in the industry, and he’s not quite been as big as he once was.


MI – Beef (vs Iceberg Slim & Kelly Hansome)

When you’re one arguably the hottest name in Nigerian hip-hop, you’re bound to get many stones thrown at you. That’s what MI was facing back in 2010 when most notably, Iceberg Slim and Kelly Hansome took separate shots at him. The response from MI wasn’t instinctive. Instead, being the smart business person that he is, he put his response to both of them, and many others in his song Beef, which was released with his album, MI2.

See musicians tryna beef me for real son
Maybe they doing it to promote they album
They know that using my name will help em sell some
So Iceberg its alright, ur welcome
But I’m not in their league help me tell them
The Super Eagles don’t play against the Falcons
See worwor pikin dey form handsome
Kelechukwu clap for yourself, well done

Beef all together might not be a full on diss song, but impact the song had in mainstream music was huge. It was very well understood that MI brushed off all his enemies with one track, and didn’t want to address them again. The video went on to really drive home the song, and Kelly Hansome took a big hit on that one.

Since then? Well Iceberg is not really popping, and Kelly Hansome… well look at the previous song.




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