6 ‘Real G’ Moments From Vic O’s RIP Drake & Meek Mill Video

vic o rip drake and meek mill

Vic O finally dropped the video to his diss song against Drake and Meek Mill that broke the internet just a few weeks ago, and we have some talking points.

The video was directed by Da Govt, and features some real G moments that will prove to everyone that Vic O is for real.

Vic O Has Served His Time

For you to be a real G, you gotta have served your time, and right here, Vic O is proving to us that he’s done his. Albeit is Kirikiri, or maybe in the capital C Calabar 🙂




Rapping Behind Bars

Not only do you need to serve time, you need to be dropping bars behind bars. Did I just do something there? Maybe, but let’s focus on Vic O.




Vic O Is The King

I mean he pointed to his crown, and said it. What other proof do you need? King Vic O!






Ready For Drake and Meek

Bruh is ready to knock out Drake and Meek Mill when he sees them. That’s how much of a real G he is… But till they meet, he’ll continue knocking out photos of them.




… And Ready To Give To Nikki Minaj

Nikki Minaj better watch out too. Not sure that booty can handle any of this Capital C Calabar loving.



RIP Drake and Meek Mill

Let’s be honest. When Vic O buried pictures of Drake and Meek Mill, that was the realest sh*t we’ve ever seen. That’s the ultimate sign that Vic O for real is a real G. Now that’s a message.




Peep the video here, if you haven’t watched it already.



  1. Lmao. I don’t care what anyone says, Vic O is a real G!!! And @Aribabaj, I saw what u did there “dropping bars behind bars”. Badass!! Lol

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