5 Reasons We Love Lindsey’s Out The Magazine Song & Video


The video is about 4 days old, but I only got around to watching it earlier today, and I’m sooo glad I did. Lindsey is an artist I’ve always been a fan of, and seeing this damn near flawless video brought so much excitement to my heart.

Here are 5 reasons why I love not only the video, but the song as well.

1. The Song is Absolutely Amazing

We can’t talk about anything without first talking about the song itself. Out The Magazine is as perfect of a song as you’ll find. Great lyrics, great vocals from Lindsey, and melody is great.

2. The Video Actually Tells the Story Perfectly

In today’s world where we see meaningless videos that don’t even relate to the videos, it’s good to see this video tell the story of the song to the tee. Kudos to Kemi Adetiba. It’s a video one can watch over and over again enjoying it a bit more each time. Pure art.

3. No Lindsey

One fascinating thing about the video is that it doesn’t feature the artist who did the record. In a unique twist it makes you focus on the video, and really enjoy what it’s about. No distractions or unnecessary focus on just one personality.

4. The Dramatics are Perfect

No idea is complete without the execution, and this execution by the actors in play was perfect. With every dramatic shown, you get the exact reason why it’s played out as such. Getting professionals help.

5. The Quality is World Standard

We can have a perfect concept, great execution but poor quality. That’s not the case here. The video quality is top notch, the colors pop out, and crispness of the video is world standard. You can see this on MTV USA or Europe, and not even guess it’s small ole Nigerian.

Once again. Here is the video. Enjoy. Great job Lindsey and Kemi Adetiba.



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