5 Nigerian Hip-Hop Battles We’d Love To See


So producer Kid Konnect put out a couple of hypothetical battles on twitter to guage responses from hip-hop fans in Nigeria, and some of them were pretty intriguing match ups. It got us thinking, which Nigerian hip-hop battles would we love to see. Like Jay-Z said once, one of the truest traits of hip-hop is the battle. Battle each other and hug afterwards.

Now we’re not trying to start any beef with anyone, just thinking up hypothetical battles. So everyone calm down small… I don’t want anyone hitting me up on some “preach love in the industry” abeg.

Ghost vs Sinzu


Now these two have different styles but you gotta love the match up between one of the dopest lyricists in the game in Ghost (SDC) vs one rapper that is forever battle ready in Sinzu. You get the sense that whenever Ghost decides to do a battle song, it’ll be like a science project; Measured and calculated. Now pitch that against Sinzu who’ll not shy away from a low blow, and throw punches without any regard for life. Oh Boy!


Boogey vs Vector


Boogey, the fire hot rising star in hip-hop vs Vector tha Viper that got bars for weeks and weeks. You gotta imagine that if these two go at each other you’d get a rapper trying to john blaze his way to the throne, and another proving that he aint no slouch either.


MI vs Mode9


Let’s be honest. These two are probably the best hip-hop in Nigeria has had over the past decade with critical and commercial success to prove it. A lot of people put them up against each other a lot of times, and even though we’ll probably never see it, you can dream and wonder who’d come out on top between these two. The most commercially successful rapper in Nigeria in MI vs the dopest MC that everyone knows not to fuck with in Mode9. The ultimate battle really.


Eva Alordiah vs Pryse


Eva Alordiah is arguably the queen of hip-hop in Nigeria as it stands right now but that doesn’t mean that she can’t be touched. Among the MCs that can give her a run based on talent is Pryse, the self proclaimed punchline queen. Even if Pryse has been relatively quiet recently, you know what’s in the locker. Pryse vs Eva? Just hold your helmet and vest.


Reminisce vs Phyno


This kind of battle will draw a line between regions in Nigeria. Reminisce holding it down for the west, and Phyno carrying the east. A real battle of “local rappers” (no pun intended). This one could potentially start a civil war on twitter quite honestly. It’ll be an intriguing match up between these two going toe to toe with each trying to prove that outdo each other mixing up languages, and style of flow. Good thing though is that they work with each other so we can dream of this later on… or never.


That’s it from me! Random I know, and shout out to Kid Konnect for the inspiration. I’ve said mine, how about you? Remember it’s all hypothetical, and all love! But really Hip-Hop is a competitive sport. Let’s not kid ourselves.

What Hip-Hop Battles Would You Love To See?



  1. mode9 vs mi….. mi can rap o i mean freestyle real hard but that nigga 9 brought pop music to Nigeria y’all don’t wanna mess with him…


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