5 Facts About Reminisce’s 3rd Album, Baba Hafusa

reminisce baba hafusa

Reminisce is set to drop his 3rd studio album titled Baba Hafusa, and it many ways it’s his most anticipated album. Reminisce has grown from ‘one of the many’ to being up there with the biggest acts in Nigeria, and more importantly one of those with a distinct and large following. It seems like everyone is a fan of Reminisce for one reason or another.

With singles, Local Rapper, Skilashii, and Tesojue already in heavy rotation and you can expect a lot of great stuff from Reminisce in this album. We caught up with Reminisce to give us an insight into the album, and from that we’re bring you 5 facts about Baba Hafusa that you may or may not have known.

1. The Album Was Recorded In His Home Studio. It’ll be very interesting to see how that affects the mood and vibe of the album. Being in a comfort zone while recording undoubted tends to bring out the best of your creativity.



2. The Music Is How He Wants It. It’s always refreshing to hear this from artists especially in the midst of super commercialized music in Nigeria. Being able to do music the way you want to do it without label restrictions has worked out more times that not for the best.


3. It’s A Platform To Showcase Sojay’s Talent & Potential. With Sojay signed up with Reminisce’s Edge Records after a dull spell at Trybes 2.0, it’ll be very fascinating to see Sojay on this project. Sojay is clearly super talented, but till date we’ve been waiting for that breakout moment. We might see it in this album. Though he’s featured on 2 tracks (Grind & Alagbara), you can expect to feel his influence through the project.



4. The Album Title & Cover Signifies His Struggles As A Father With Huge Responsibilities. When Reminisce mentioned this to me, I had to go back later and look at the cover again. You can clearly see him carrying a teddy bear, and a school bag baby seat, and then it all clicks in the head. For those that don’t know Hafusa is his daughter. Baba Hafusa simply translates to Hafusa’s Father.

reminisce baba hafusa


5. A Huge Thank You To Fans. One thing about Reminisce that is somewhat overlooked is his appreciation for his fans. Even those in media always get that “Thanks for the love” when the opportunity comes up. The final note we got from Reminisce about this album is that it’s a platform to say a BIG thank you to his fans. In his words “They are the reason I am this BIG”.




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