5 Artists Who Need To Make A Major Come Back In Music


It’s inevitable in music; Some folks will come and some will go. Na turn by turn as they say. It’s a cycle if you will. However every now and then some artists make major comebacks after a few years in hiatus; some successful, and others not so much, but we all love a good comeback story.

Today we’ll be talking about some artists who have been laying low, or completely faded who need to make a major comeback. Why? Because they were really good when they were hot, and we don’t want to believe they just disappeared like that. So here goes:


Mo Cheddah

I think we can all agree that Mo Cheddah is in need of a major comeback for a lot of reasons, but the most important might be to prove to herself and her fans that she can make it without KnightHouse. Ever since she unceremoniously left the label that blew her up, it has been pretty quiet and weak from her. Well… except those 3 joints she released in back in June 2012, but we wont count those are serious things. Or should we?

Either way she needs to make a major comeback because she’s Mo’cheddah Diva Molenu! I mean she cant just bow out like that now.




Yes I know, they are from a different era (kinda), but how awesome would it be if Styl-Plus got back together and released an album as great as their first or second albums. Pretty awesome right? With that at least Tunde would stop doing whatever he’s doing (including attacking me on twitter), and they can all make great music like they used to back then. I mean Dbanj, 2face are still in the game so why not Styl-Plus.




Back in 2009/2010 Djinee was unstoppable. He was arguably the best RnB singer at the time, and his songs were all over the place. Be it a feature or his own song, we all looked forward to hearing something from the Benin boy.

Unfortunately things have really slowed down, and the last we heard from his was a single he released last year, and sadly it didn’t make the waves we thought it would. We would love to see Djinee make a major comeback and get back to his 2009/2010 form.



Jeremiah Gyang

Jeremiah Gyang in my opinion is one of the most talented artists of the past 10 years. Back in 2008/2009, Jeremiah Gyang was the hottest thing ever, and before MI and Ice Prince, he was the one holding the torch for J-Town. Unfortunately after he left Chocolate City, things really slowed down for him except his 2012 album release (which didn’t do so well buzz wise).

With the talent he has, he’s definitely due for a major comeback. If not for anything, to school some of these new cats 🙂




Let’s be honest! If Blaise was still holding a mic in her hand, most of the female rappers in the game wont have mouth to talk for real. When it comes to hitting heavy bars, and punchlines Blaise is the Madam At The Top for real. Last we heard from Blaise was back in early 2012, and that was even after laying low for a significant minute. Really we haven’t gotten some serious heat from her in over 3 years.

Blaise please come back! Do us this favor. Even if it’s for one last standing ovation, before you bow out. Signed, Management.


So who do you think needs to make a comeback soon? Someone that was blazing hot once upon a time. Drop a comment or 3.

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