2Sure2Shizzy – Amemu (Lil Wayne’s A Milli Spoof)


LOL, LMAO, LWKM, LWKMD, ROTFLMAO cannot even begin to describe how hilarious and silly this vid is. I really hope it’s a joke, cos if it’s not  then this guy has some serious issues with his music career. I take it as a joke though… and if it is supposed to be comic, then I give it an A plus for the lil wayne impersonation. “I’m Drunk!!!!”…lol.




    Yeah lets get this cleared to viewer's now … this star does not has autotune in this particular track amemu… He's gotten fantastic tracks in his album..

    like wall is falling down. D.O.A ( death of autotune) which he rap all with english totally wthout his dialet langusage.

    This month APRIL from http://WWW.NAIRALAND.COM we got this story edited out by a writter onlets watch.. ..

    A writter who does'nt know this star from adam listen to the muic carefully and wrote something about this artiste on … which says…

    After A record breaking hit by the international acknowledge Lil Wayne Wannabe,A Nigerian with the name 2sure2shizzy with the track Tittled 'Amenu' Who started

    his track verse by paying respect to his Mentor Lil Wayne''I love Wizzy'' making the World to know he got influenced totally from him pump and plane.

    Statistic now have it that he is the Number one popular African Artist who breakthrough to the entertainment scene just A day his Video was Edited and handed over

    to him by his Music Video Director Akin Alabi, Akin Alabi Whos is a music video director and have lots of works in respect but could not get recognised by the

    international Entertainment Body has gained the interest of many Americans/Europeans/Africans in diaspora who love the total production and output for that

    movie and like many of us may know the said Wannabe Paid Respect to Many telecommunication firms, like Etisalat.Zain, Mtn, Glo etc Wine Companies Hennessy,

    Barcardi etc,begging everyone to rate the Governor Fashola of Lagos State Nigeria as the best and speaks on obasanjo's Telecommunication innovation,with some

    well recognized lyrics heard from him by most Americans''U wear Timbaland and me i wear Timbaland,When u Cry,Me I Laugh'which means all is well to him no

    matter the critics on him,the more u say things about which is cry,that he is going to Laugh,and other deep lyrics which he spits on his dialet yoruba.

    Music Video which received lots of critics at few hours of it being post on the internet,but to be sincere judging from Worldstarhihop.com every click on it,repeated

    listening to the video,first they hate it,but the video Quality drew attention of many and made them pick out some words out of it and started dancing to it.while

    many starting searching for Concert Venue where they can see him live,because he really conquer all fears to have really spent such huge money to get video for such

    track and as we know the star race is all about being able to conquer fears,because when u succeed in that then u move mountains,now that is all what we have seen

    from 2sure2shizzy.

    in Summary get ready to see him being rewarded by those Telecommunication firms,Wine and Politicical bodies whom respect or we can say Advert was done on

    their Behalf.

    To tease Haters U might see a Collaboration from 2sure2shizzy feat.Lil Wayne when wizzy is out,because he drew attention to many on the Wizzy being in

    Jail,making them to be asking how he is now,

    For more info, http://www.Whenucrymeilaugh.com

    #now playing 2sure2shizzy.Free at Last ft.Lil Wayne (Studio Leak)

    Impossible is Nothing! Gbam!

    anyway you can catch this artiste on facebook…

    ( toosure onnet) talkto2sureonnet@yahoo.com

    Fans hot line___ 08035938600

  2. Nigerian Lilwayne AMU LICKED.

    Laugh…. ehehnn ehehnn


    Its your boy 2shizzy

    OB on the beat yoh


    emu in my body

    emu in my vein heh.

    mo memu ni bayen

    mo memu ni bi bayii

    they say i'm always with palm wine tapper

    but they know i'm a rapperz with camera snapper

    paparapa ni trailer man dun tawa balo si alaba

    I'm hill father fucker i'm drunk.

    oh ma clock say oh my talk say

    you wear timberland me I wear timber laugh

    when you cry me I laugh when you laugh me i cry

    but once in a year me I cry.

    This make me remember when I was in tamper

    Smoking marijuana, speaking many grammer

    there I brought my swagger together

    telling my brother, father, mother

    da I wanna be a singer

    Taba ri tooto ka tete so

    Taba riro katete so

    Fashola she titi, tobatiwu citizen keme she enviromental

    Aro meta Obafemi she instrumenT.

    Ehehnn yeah

    Watch your left watch your right

    Fashola has done is own best

    2 years to come 9ja will be small london, small japan

    Afghanistan. Dindin yeah

    Nigga this my sample

    Tell me if you like it

    Wizzy crib wizzy trip for my country

    Saying I’m tuffer than 9gerian hemp

    Me my self I’m hutter than Jamaican hemp

    Tell me if I’m drunk baby?

    Bakadi pumping Hennesy pumping

    moe pumping Champyne pumping


    Emu oguro, Emu oguro, Emu oguro, pumping

    So tell me where are the rest of your puppies

    I will always speak the truth even though I get drunk

    Cos oro ashiwere lon taju yeaah.

    Please please rate fashola as the best governor of the year

    Cos oti she ju ehan… Oti she ju ehehnn

    Alright listen up

    Straight down to the network make una shope lowo obasanjo

    Oko mobile wole everybody dey buy credit

    Woni moti blow to tori motin loo glooo

    Woni kinlora zain kinto lefe zainabu

    MTN wapati mi won kunle laro yellow

    Everybody put on yellow, heellow, yellow yeah

    Everybody come dey mellow yeaah


    9labalaba’s 9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9

    9 butterfly all around me ETISALAT. YEAH

    etisalat etisalat etisalat Yeahh,,,

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yaah,yeah yeah yeah yeaaahhh

    Hum hum are we drunk “ehehnn”

    Tell me! Are we! are we drunk

    No ehehnn and my cloth say and my Talk say

    I’m drunk, Father fucker I’m drunk.


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