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With one official single, this girl has gathered such a fan base that many artists can only wish for after 3-4 singles. Yes, this loopy record, J-town artist captured our hearts with her single, Okay and it’s been no slowing down from there. Since then Ruby has gathered more and more fans the traditional way – live shows, and performances.

Those who knew of her before always knew the talent was there, as she had appeared on albums from MI & Kahli Abdu. It was only a matter of time before the rest of the world would get to know who Ruby is. Little by little, the world is getting to know the name, and soon enough she’ll be main event everywhere she goes.



Singer, Producer, Rapper and musical expert Teeklef is grossly underrated when we’re talking about musicians out of Nigeria. In many ways he remind me of a Jesse Jagz or Eldee because of his versatility and all around music knowledge.

Teeklef’s mixtape NOBIS is in the works, but the tunes he’s dropped and featured on so far have been top notch. Nobody Test Me remake, Enroute, Hala, X.O’s Killing Me, DJ Klem’s Na You are tunes that are steady flowing through my playlist, and somehow haven’t gotten old.

Out of everyone on this list, I think he might be the most gifted as an all-round musician.



Tey Chaplin literally catapulted into my ipod player a few months ago with 2 hot singles Turn The Beat Up & Girl You Know, and the songs have stayed on heavy rotation.

A rapper/producer based in the UK, he brings a bit of a new age sound along with easily recited rap lines which combine to make for nice club jams. With his influences – Beach Boys, Specimen A, Outkast, Redman & Portishead – you can see where he gets inspiration for that creativity. Even though he’s relatively new, he’s still one that can shoot past a lot of people and make it big time in the club scene.



It’s Yemi Alade! I must admit I wasn’t particularly moved by the first single I heard from her, Fi Mi Sile featuring Eldee. But then a few months later I heard her holiday song, Christmas in the air, and it changed my mind a bit. Ultimately the one track that completely made me fall in love with Yemi Alade was DJ Klem’s Farabale with Efa. The love hasn’t stopped since then.

Her performance on stage got her a lot of fans and her steady great appearances on songs she was featured in definitely makes this girl a hot one to look out for (Check out D’Tunes Thank God, Ovation Xmas Carole if you think I’m lying). Her voice in many ways appeals to the masses of Nigeria, and comes out very clean in a way all Nigerians will enjoy.

Her new single Ghen Ghen Love definitely shows how much she has come since her debut, and with that kind of forward momentum, you have to feel like she’s quarter to big time.



I really hope 5mics doesn’t take offense to calling him upcoming, but I have good intentions in my heart. 5mics really for all intensive purposes should be a star now, and when you talk hip-hop acts in Nigeria he’s right there in the list, but I will say space still dey to climb.

5mics comes through with that raw hip-hop vibe that will make anyone say “damn son.” His mixtape, The Lost Sessions goes so hard, and so does his joint Across the Ocean but also his more commercial tunes 5 Blessings with Brymo switches it up to a hot one you can play at a wedding. You gotta respect the hustle!

5mics has shown he can and will switch it up from commercial to raw hip-hop and back, and that quality along with his talents I believe will have him full blown mainstream soon… He is already up there to some.


So there you have it folks. 25 most promising upcoming acts out of Nigeria. Does this mean all these will “blow” soon? Nope, but they have the potential to with all the right things falling in place.

Feel free to agree, disagree, praise me, abuse me, call it great or call it trash. I’ll reply as many comments as I can. FYI artists like Eva, Brymo, Davido, Praiz, Chuddy K are no longer upcoming in my book 🙂


Written by Aribaba. Additional edits – 9jaSoula, Neefemi. Thanks to all the contributors who shall remain anonymous 🙂


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