25 Most Promising Upcoming Acts Out Of Nigeria [Part 4 of 5]


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NayoSoul came into our radar last year with her highly infectious and soulful song, Destiny Train. If I hadn’t looked at the bio, I would’ve thought I was listening to a seasoned and experienced soul artist from a different era. A combination of her uniquely high but somewhat raspy voice, and well written lyics made that song easily one of my bests last year.

NayoSoul as the name implies is a soul singer in every sense of the word. With that said, she might not be full-blown naija gbedu material but please believe her fans will forever appreciate her music and she has the ability to go global since her genre of music reaches beyond the shores of Africa.



KnightHouse has an eye for talent, and you just have to feel like they landed a big fish in Phenom.In many ways he reminds me of MI in that you can tell he is a musician first before an MC – you know those that listen to the music, and not just spit bars up and down.

The first time I personally heard him on track was on DJ Neptune’s Hard, and I was left heavily impressed. From that instant it seemed like everything else I heard from him got better and better. Omo Naija, his Jimmy’s Jump Off freestyle, Today, What’s Your Fujji Remix, MI’s 6ft 7ft and most recently his tune Shuku Shuk Bam Bam with label mate, Iye. All have left me thinking that this guy right here is already a star – some people just don’t know it yet.



Representing the Eastern side of Naija, we have Phyno! When you think of artists from the east, there’s a certain sound you expect to hear. Now take that sound, and blend it with traditional hip-hop, and this is what Phyno brings to the table. He reminds me a lot of Ill Bliss, but maybe a more commercial version (no pun intended). As a producer he’s very well respected in the game also as he’s done a lot of stuff for big name artists.

His tune Multiply Remix (ft. MI, Timaya, Mr Raw & Flavour) is what brought him to our attention, and then came What R U W18 4 & Shut down, and then the fans really started paying attention. Phyno is a special talent, and with all the right packaging he might really form a new movement for rappers for the east. I mean, look what he did with the hook on Ill Bliss’ Anam Achi Kwanu. Heavy!



Poe in my opinion is one of the few purist in Nigerian hip-hop. Undiluted hip-hop flows through his veins. What do you expect when he rolls with peeps from SDC? You are the company you keep, and Poe is every bit just as nice. In some ways he reminds me of Kahli Abdu.

His tunes, Get Me Home & Poe’s Love have been in heavy rotation when I’m in my hip-hop mode, and his verse on Kahli’s Stuck With You silently turned out to be the best (No disrespect to Kahli & X.O).

His mixtape Icarus should be released soon, and I’m sure at that time we’ll really know what he’s about. Till then we’ll patiently wait and hold ourselves with the material he has out.



It’s Pryse! Pryse doesn’t have an album or a mixtape out and she’s already considered as one of the top 5 femcees in Nigeria. You gotta know you’re hot, when arguably the hottest rapper in Nigeria, MI says so. Lyrics, word play, and toughness on the mic makes Pryse the great mc she is.

Pryse had been on her grind way before the ch0c-city deal came through with tunes, Diva, Remember The Name, PH, LAG, ABJ, N’Otis with MI, 5mics’ Across The Ocean, but probably her most popular was Femcee Toh Bad, and that had peeps going, whooaa!!! Who be dat?

Now with Chocolate City behind her it’s hard to see this girl going wrong. The team is solid, and she already had the talent. So you know it’s game on from here on out.

To be continued


Written by Aribaba. Additional edits – 9jaSoula, Neefemi. Thanks to all the contributors who shall remains anonymous 🙂



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