12 Albums We Can’t Wait For In 2012


It’s 2012 people, and now that the whole subsidy wahala has cooled down a tad bit, we can get into some of the fun stuff for this year. 2011 was an extremely great year for lovers of Nigerian music. Whether you were into conscious music, enjoyment music, or alternative, there was something for you to chew on from Nigeria.

You gotta love it when your playlist is filled with 65% Nigerian music. There has been a huge surge of artists over the past year and Jaguda.com has been doing its best to keep you guys fresh on who is who in the music industry.

With the wide variety of artists and projects coming up this year, it’ll be a shame for anyone to miss what we expect to be some of the hottest albums of the year. Yep it’s hard to tell now, but based on the some research, past work, hype, and recent success we’re going to try to predict the most anticipated albums of 2012.

No we’re not ranking *tongue out*. We’ll do this in alphabetical order, and in cases where we’re not sure of the album name or it hasn’t been titled yet, there’ll be a nice “TBA” right there. Meaning we know there’s an album in the works, but we’re not sure if the album has been titled yet.

OK then. Let’s hirrit.

2face – Away & Beyond

2Baba is one of the few living legends in our generation, and so naturally anything this man right here touches turns to gold. His last album Unstoppable is still as fresh as ever almost like it just came out. We’re not tired of it yet, but we don’t mind hearing some more from 2face Idibia. Away & Beyond is expected to be released this year and if the “Chinese Freestyle” single is anything to go by, then we should be expecting another heavy one from 2baba.

I’m not sure about you, but anything from 2face will always be highly anticipated for me.


Banky W – R&BW

Can you believe it’s been almost 3 years since Banky W’s last album, The W Experience? I mean it’s 2012, and we’re still enjoying the products of The W Experience. He did a great job of staying relevant, and also spreading out the videos to extend the airplay lifespan of the album.

Mr Capable recently released 2 singles (Lowkey & Setting P) to kickoff his album campaign, and so far so good the singles have been doing pretty well commercially. The R&BW was originally scheduled to be released on valentines’s day (Feb 14th) but Banky decided to postponed the release date until the “country settles down.” We hope it drops sometime this year as there are a stream of fans impatiently waiting for it.


Davido – TBA

Is there a hotter artist right now than Davido? Davido’s single Dami Duro has completely dominated the past 2 months when it comes to the radio, TV, clubs, bars, ipods, walkmans, mai-guard’s transistor lol. Ok you get the point. The amount of fire Davido has in his palms is simply incredible. Back When was a smash, and Dami Duro is an even bigger hit.

So then, the question is, when is your album dropping? His album is as anticipated as any in the history of new comers in the Nigerian music industry. The verdict is still out of how good the album will be, but if those 2 singles are anything to go by, then we might have something serious to handle in this 2012. We just hope we do see the album in 2012… Don’t dull us o.


Dbanj – Endowed

We were supposed to see this album in 2011 o. Somehow, somehow we didn’t.

Dbanj arguably had the best 2011 of any Nigerian artist with collaborations with international artists and his signing to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music. He & Don Jazzy have been working with a host of international artists and it’s expected that we should see a nice collection on the album. The video for Oliver Twist is on the way and that should keep the buzz on a track that went viral globally.

My own be say we have to see this album in 2012, if not, then… nothing actually… we’ll just wait.


DJ Neptune – Eva Blazing

Africa’s Eva Blazing DJ Neptune has been one of the most successful DJs of the past couple of years, and for all the right reasons. His joints 123 HipHop (original & remix) & This Gbedu (original & reloaded) have been fan favs for both hip-hop heads and party goers respectively.

His album, Eva Blazing is long overdue. Yes, I’m saying it. We don dey wait tire, and the fans are really hoping it drops this year especially since we’ve all kind of heard of the all star line up billed to appear on the album.

Let’s hope we see this in 2012, and make us all happy.


Eldee – Undeniable

Another veteran in the game that has to be respected. Eldee has released 3 singles (Higher, Wash Wash & Today Today) to support his Undeniable album campaign and all indications point in the direction of the album released this year.

Word on the street is that the album is almost complete, and it’s right there about to drop, but then again, that’s word on the street and things could still change. We hope not though because a lot of us will be sad.


Flavor – TBA

Flavor is another artist that had a spectacular 2011, and it’s no surprise that he’s shot up to being one of the biggest names in Africa right now.

Over the past year we’ve seen a host of hits from Flavor, and a little birdie has told us that we’ll defintely be seeing an album from Mr. N’abania this year. What can we expect to see on the album? Well for starters there’s another version of Baby Oku, an Oyi Remix featuring Tiwa Savage, and a track Life Is Beautiful which features 2face.

Are you excited yet? Yes you are, and we are too.


MI – Illegal Music 2

Raise your hand if you cried when Dec 21st, 2011 came and there was no Illegal Music 2. Oh it was just me? Ok fine.

There’s no doubt that there were a lot of disappointed fans on that day. But, not to worry though. It’s not like MI said he’s quitting music, so we know Illegal Music 2 is still on the way, and it might be sooner than we think. If you’ve been following MI on twitter, then you’ve probably got an idea of the track list, and the host of artists on there. I’ve had the “privilege” of listening to some cuts and boy oh boy, it is all manner of hot.

The best thing about IM2 is the fact that he’s letting a lot of upcoming acts get their shine on. Gotta love that. But we’ll love it more when it drops.


Skales – TBA

Another artist that has been blazing hot over the past few months. His track Mukulu has been on everything capable of emitting sound waves in Nigeria and for good reason. It’s hard to ignore that Ja Mukulu, Ja Mukeke.

In the works next for Skales has to be an album, and the anticipation is fever pitch as his fellow label mates Banky W & WizKid have completely dominated the music industry over the past couple of years, so everyone is now waiting for Skales’ turn.

No real details on the album yet, but we’re sure it’ll be this year. If not we’ll vex for EME.


Sound Sultan – TBA

Sound Sultan is probably one of the most versatile artists in Nigeria today, and his style of music is unique to him and only him. No one sounds like him, and that’s just the plain fact.

With his last couple of singles “All Way Nah Way” and “Temporary Don Turn Permanent” you have to sense that something in cooking in that black pot. Anything Sound Sultan comes up with you know the fans will jump on it, so we certainly hope we see an album this year.


Tiwa Savage – TBA

Tiwa Savage is no doubt one of the red hot female artists in Nigeria, in every sense of the word. Since her debut with Kele Kele, the babe hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down at all. She’s in a league of her own when it comes sexy divas in Nigeria.

Love Me (x3), Without My Heart ft. Don Jazzy were the last “official” singles and that has really made fans like myself extremely hungry for some more Tiwa Savage. I mean really there’s no reason why we shouldn’t see an album from Tiwa Savage this year. Even the “leaks” have silently been very popular with the faithfuls. So Tiwa Savage, please listen to the cries of your fans, and quench our thirst. Thanks.


Waje – W.A.J.E

This is one album is wayyyy overdue. It was supposed to be 2010, 2011, and we certainly hope it comes in 2012.

Waje’s voice is one of the strongest you can hear from Nigeria, and she has gathered a huge fan base the traditional way. No hype, just showcasing of talent.

Her self titled album has been in the works for quite some time now, and so we’re hoping that she’s living by the creed “You can’t rush perfection” because that’s one only reason we the fans would patiently wait. But hopefully not for another year.


Well that’s about it. 12 albums we can’t wait to spend our N150 or $6.99 or even N0.00 on this year. There are tons of other albums dropping this year that will definitely be all manner of hot, so please continue to support good music. We are our best cheerleaders.




  1. I like the list you have going… a few observations… DJ Neptunes?… hmmm!

    Also MI illegal Music 2? haba… na mix tape nah.

    Big ups to the super sounding WAJE.. we cant wait.

    Ese Peters, Vector and MsIye should have made the top 12 though… in my opinion.

  2. U’all ff dis guy IAM_KOPR8 on twitter. I wuz in d studio when I heard his new single wich will be out dis week.dope artiste.support gud music…

  3. Solid! I wish you could've squeezed Wande Coal in there somewhere, but who knows if he's dropping an album sef.

    Waje's is one that is way overdue.

  4. Aribaba what's this? Where is Brymo? Wande Coal? I mean what is Neptune doing there and no one cares about Eldee's album abeg.

    You try but please go back to the drawing board

  5. Ur list is incomplete! What are people like Waje and Skales doing on it. Why are these guys not on the list: W4, Vector, Brymo, D’Prince and Wande Coal. Nice work though…

  6. This is the first time I am ever posting a comment and it is because of the rubbish i have seen every single time i come here….Everyone of you that is complaining about them including DJ Neptunes on the list is seriously very stupid and backward musically…you people are the problem with the Nigerian music industry…DJ Neptune has been a trend setter and major player in the industry for years now…he is doing what most other DJs aren't doin…and not just that but i'm sure the reason why he was included on this list is not cos his singles have been the biggest but simply because of the fact that he is a DJ who is bringing something new to the industry…only if you idiots could understand the worth of DJs in any music industry and support them…the Nigerian music industry would be even bigger than it already is….FOOLS!!!!

  7. Great List. I respect that fact that you have Neptune on there. It shows you actually did some research. Tiwa Savage is soooo on point.

    MI's Illegal Music is a mixtape technically so maybe you could've replaced that with Brymo or Wande.

  8. Well said captain I agree stupid people come on here n say shit . Well done jaguda and big up to everyone on this list if u have a problem with this list I have two suggestions for u * option one swallow hot coal and top up with hot bleach *option two carry your bed to 3rd mainland bridge n have a wonderful permanent rest awon haters oshi

  9. I love this.. and I agree 100% with all the entries. I just don't think 12 albums is enough. There are too many good artists out there to just make a top 12 list.. (maybe top 20 shudda sufficed)..
    Funny I didn't see May D in any of the comments. 3 singles and all positive reviews. And what ever happened to eLDee's "Is It Your Money Vol. 2"? Dammy Krane might make that list too.. Definitely Wande Coal and Brymo..

  10. Nice list U̶̲̥̅̊ gat dere..,bt 12 artist aint enough for 2012 nt nw dat nigerians r beginning to prefer their songs..there r artist out there only if U̶̲̥̅̊ r intrested in them

  11. 9ice one Α̲̅πϑ g̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊d̶̲̥̅̊ selection job. But I kinda need a little bit of clearificatn hr,W̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Ɯe̶̲̥̅̊ Are̶̲̥̅̊ tlkin about “Nigerian” music,ain’t D̶̲̥̅̊ gospel artist included,I mean likes of Kore(infinity),Nosa,Ty Bello,Simi,Tosin Martins,Samsung Α̲̅πϑ co.Ain’t dis ppl workin on anytin presently cos I tink they’r part of “Nigerian artist”.Suggestion pls.

  12. d best album dese year will b dt of MI n d selling album wil b dt of d’banj bt dey unstoppable album wil b dt of 2face. Skales is now a singer n nt a rapper. I knw waje n MI wil sing a love song together.

  13. Everybody is entitled to his or her opinion. This is somebody’s and we don’t need to dispute or refute it as the person has made good to list his or her 12 albums to be released in 2012. Hold on; this is my list : Faze- Refazed, Banky W-R and BW, Tubaba, Sound Sultan, Flavour, Mayd,, Waje- W.A.J.E, Kc, Davido, Tiwa Savage, Brymo, and W4. You go on to make your list…


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