10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Adekunle Gold’s AFROPOP VOL 1 Album


It’s been 3 whole weeks since Afropop singer, Adekunle Gold released his third studio album titled; Afro-Pop Vol 1 and it has surely been well accepted by fans worldwide.

The album which has us seeing another side of the multitalented artist contains 10 unique tracks. From AG Baby to My Ex.

Each track has a unique story attached to it and Adekule recently revealed this in his recent email newsletter which he regularly sends to his fans and subscribers.

From the songwriting process to the type of sounds and instruments used for each production, here are ten facts about each track on Adekunle Gold’s Afropop Vol 1 album.

  1. Here for ya (Recorded since 2018) was the original sound of what the project was meant to feel like when I began experimenting. My Ex joined it as a bluesy jazzy version of EDM. 
  2. Okay was first called ‘Loke Loke’ and I gave it out in February. But with the protest of someone on my team, I took it back.
  3. Sabina has Malian vocalizations and goqm from South Africa in it if you listen very closely; it is predominantly live instruments. Listen again with this in mind, close your eyes and you might just be in the studio. 
  4. AG Baby also has some very subtle Kizomba vibes from Angola, but I bet the West Indian vibe in the chorus threw you off. The “crusing in my phantom” line was first “I pulled up in a Lincoln” but on second thought AG Baby was more likely to pull up in a “phantom”. 
  5. Exclusive has a Negro-Spiritual ancestral hum carrying the song through. Funny story, Olayinka Ehi demo’d the song not knowing she was going to be the featured artist until I released the tracklist. 

6. You cannot miss that Igbo highlife in Firewood with my ndi igbo brother doing justice to it.
7. The album art for something different is from a video from Afro Pop Vol 2. 
8. The Video for Firewood was shot in early 2019. My hair was short and I don’t look this buff lol. Should I still drop it?.
9. AG Baby is the first track on the album but it was the last to get on the album. 
10. I wrote Pretty Girl for another artist, but It was too good, I couldn’t let it

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