Video: Starring Gio Manni, Kaha, Kobe, Flo, And Eldee So Gloria Films Presents Teaser For Reality Show “MOTHERLAND HUSTLE”

Get ready to be dazzled when this star studded reality TV show hits the screens!  
So Gorila Films premieres a teaser for its soon to be released reality Tv show MotherLand Hustle.
MotherLand Hustle tells the story of 5 Nigerian celebrities Giomani, Kaha, Flo, Kobe and Eldee living in Atlanta, USA. It will feature the day to day hustle and lives of our Atlanta based celebrities entwined in a dramatic search for “True Love”. 
The show promises a huge doze of drama, love, music, laughter and perhaps tears that will keep you glued to your screens.
Enjoy the teaser


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