The Making Of The Movie: Waje “Jewel” Directed by Tope Adebayo


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“Waje (jewel), a Yoruba Movie Directed by one of the Best directors in
Nollywood today, Tope Adebayo.

Waje ( Jewel ) is a love story about a Young Man ( Niyi Johnson) and
a Young Woman ( Bridgett Ighorojeh) . They were so much in love with
each other. Unknowingly to the Man, the Woman he loves so much is an
Asthmatic Patient. So one fatal day, she was under an attack and the
young man thought she was playing not knowing that she needed her
inhaler. She finally ended up in the hospital. Along the line, A
doctor (Funso Adeolu ) came in. At Some Point, you become people’s
favorite and the most precious thing in their life’… they love you
as you have never been loved ” and the love becomes a weapon’ …..
then what happened next….’confusion’, ‘ Pains ‘ , ‘ Hatred ‘….
Watch “Waje” a block star movie……COMING SOON

The movie stars are Adebayo salami, Afonja Sanyeri, Bimbo Oshi,
Adebayo femi, Bridgett Ighorojeh, Toyin Adewale and Niyi Johnson and
many more. Produced By Bridgett Ighorojeh.

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