Screenplay Writing Competition


Here is an opportunity for story tellers and aspiring screen writers to show off their editing and writing skills. See details below.

A lot of youths complain about Nollywood story lines but do not write their stories. The biggest reason for this, is  we all think that script writing is harder than fiction. And so, we all resort to blogging amazing stories. What this competition is about, is showing that screenplay writing isn’t all that hard.

I have written a nonsensical story line, typical boy meets girl and hello to relationship. The plot isn’t the focus but the basic screenplay writing skill. However, the script is riddled with errors. And all participants have to do, is point them out to win the White Chuck Taylor sneakers. Willing participants should comment on the blog post to compete.

The script would be found here

Now I know that the prize might not be in Don Jazzy’s category but you are not composing or dancing, just pointing out errors.

Best of luck. 🙂


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