Tonto Dikeh And Gideon Okeke Goes Head To Head On Each Other


It is very obvious that no one is entirely happy with Tonto Dikeh’s introduction/ Marriage to Churchill Olakunle Oladunni. Her fellow Nollywood colleague Gideon Okeke blasted her on Twitter yesterday and got harsh reactions back from his fans. He said on twitter

“Ha! So Aunty last last marries “Mr X”. Not like it’s stops the rain from pouring tho…”

Seeing that his comment aroused
Viral responses and carried by almost all the blogs, Gideon went further to comment on his Instagram about the drama his tweet caused yesterday .read or watch the video below

“Yo, what’s with the sudden ruckus on my social media this morning over a nameless tweet. I see something, the matter be me like film, I shout. Kilode. You no dey shout for cinema. You go try park well”


In response to his rather bizarre statement as she might tame it, the actress threw shot at her haters and the instagram post clearly shows that it is directed to Gideon Okeke’s previous lash on her. Read Tonto’s comment

Watch who you are talking to. Be mindful of who you are letting into your life. If you ever sit down with someone to talk and they are belittling and bitching abt people they used to be close to Or never close to….Chatting sh*t or telling truths that you don’t need to know…Generally hating and gossip talking about whoever…Don’t tell this people anything about you. Recognize that they will do same to you when you aren’t flavour of the month Anymore.. Some people will try to use you,When you can’t be used/used anymore,the selfish and disloyal behavior will begin. I say try to use you,because people who are trying to bring you down are already beneath you… No one higher than you in wealth,Success,Life will ever belittle their selves to stoop so low to trash or destroy you unless you steal from them..”



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