Photos and Video: Beverly Osu Plays With A Snake In New Movie Role


I’ll go ahead and say Beverly Osu is much better than me in terms of bravery. She handles a snake in a new movie role, and in her words from her instagram page, it’s her most daring role.

In her words “Most daring role I chose, in my face shows confidence but my heart is about to explode.. I try to changellenge myself for the love of my job and the confidence I ve in GOD.. I STAND OUT..I AM AN EXTERMISE ..BLACK DIAMOND.. TO carry a life python…eish baba..crazy working with this amazing director @soundmind44 and D.O.P @gentletouch66 sick talented guys…#thecurseoftheseven #actor #snakegirl #cinema #movingtrain #entertainment

B0PmaLWIYAAnVUo.jpg large



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