Movie Viewing: Brain Box [Part 1 & 2] | Starring Sam Loco Efe, Osita Iheme



Dozie (Osita Iheme) & Eke (Chinedu Ikedieze) are two young boys full of ambition but their quest to make money lead them into doing shady deals, to the extent of duping their father & elder brother who stays abroad. Their elder brother, Nnamdi, returns to Nigeria and threatens to kill them if his properties are not returned to him.

Sam Loco Efe,Chinedu Ikedieze,Ofia Afuluagu Mbaka,Tom Njemanze,Benedith Johnson

Brain Box by NollywoodLove


Brain Box 2 by NollywoodLove


  1. Comment:please if possible send this to me via email, its my best movie. o can’t find it on shelves in South Africa


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