Movie Trailer: Complicated Starring Olu Jacobs, Yemi Blaq & Patience Ozokwor


This is certainly a movie worth putting on your radar in the coming year. Features Olu Jacobs, Yemi Blaq & Patience Ozokwor

There was a general plan by Senator Ivan (Olu Jacobs) and his cabal of power hungry men to subvert the Nation and eventually take over the ruler ship. Biological weapon was imported to terrorist the nation so that the masses will cry for the return of the military..When the canister was hijacked suddenly, it became a rat race, as senator Ivan recruited the services of his arch enemy and a political thug Prince (Yemi Blaq) and the States Counter Terrorism Unit headed by Ms. Jane (Patience Ozokwor) to retrieve the canister from Felicia, a young girl abused by Senator Ivan driven by vengeance and not minding the cost…

Prince recruited by Senator Ivan and working as an informant for SCTU found himself in the thick of the battle as he is torn between his dark past and the equally dark secrets he shared with Ms. Jane

The stakes are high no holds barred as the fast pace thriller crescents to a mind blowing end, one which will satisfy the die hard critic…

[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″][/youtube]


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